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Product: mobile diesel cleaning and diesel polishing system

July 3, 2010 by Fuelturbo company
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Complete turnkey solutions for diesel cleaning, diesel polishing, diesel tank cleaning and algae contamination removal with a mobile portable system.

The FueTurbo is a Professional, cost effective, environmentally sound solution for diesel fuel and tank contamination problems.

The FuelTurbo unit is a high performance 4 stage mobile fuel polishing and diesel cleaning system for diesel fuel and fuel tank systems . It allows you to safely recover, recycle and reuse diesel fuel that might otherwise be discarded or become a major problem for diesel engine reliability. Although a high tech system it can be operated by anyone with basic mechanical skills. No fuel pipes, supply or return lines need to disturbed from the engine / equipment that is being serviced. No particular knowledge of the engine or equipments fuel system therefore needs to be known by the FuelTurbo technician.

Low cost, limited maintenance, great returns and terrific results. The system can be transported from site to site in the back of a small van, utility truck, trailer or simply used at your established business, workshop or marina facility.

The profitable business of fuel management is necessary for all diesel powered equipment.

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