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Product: Diesel fuel magnetic conditioner unit

August 28, 2010 by Fuelturbo company
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FuelTurbo magnetic diesel fuel conditioner unit

Our magnetic fuel conditioner units are powered by the world’s strongest magnets called neodymium magnet (also known as NdFeB, NIB, or Neo magnet), a type of rare-earth magnet. This material is currently the strongest known type of permanent magnet. They are rated at the magnetic power of 12000 surface flux gauss. The magnetic conditioner units are simply installed before the diesel fuel filter unit. The diesel conditioner unit has no maintenance requirements. Our magnetic diesel fuel conditioner unit will assist in removing algae and bacterial contamination from your diesel fuel system and diesel fuel tank. Resulting in less diesel engine smoke, better diesel fuel economy, less diesel emissions, improved diesel engine power and reduced diesel fuel filter changes.

Please email for a quote on our diesel conditioner units, dealer prices available for the purchase of 5 or more units.

Port sizes available:

½ inch female BSPT
¾ inch female BSPT
1 inch female BSPT
Standard size:

Length 280 MM
Width 80 MM
please see our website for more details

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