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Product: Diesel Polishing

June 4, 2011 by Fuelturbo company
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The FuelTurbo is a four stage recycling diesel fuel and tank polishing system with each stage working independently of each other stage process. The non marking suction clear hose and return green hose are inserted into the diesel tank to facilitate the recycle process of the fuel. No pipes or hoses need to be removed or disturbed on the engine or equipment. The hoses are equipped with cam lock quick release couplings for easy fitting and removal, hose plugs are provided to stop diesel spillage when the hoses are disconnected from the unit. The FuelTurbo unit is somewhat like a dialysis machine for contaminated diesel fuel. The unit is easily maneuvered by one person due to its balanced alloy chassis and pneumatic tyres.Please visit our website http://www.fuelturbo.com

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