Product: Don’t throw money overboard! Oceanair’s Skysol Duette Blind saves energy

November 3, 2011 by Suzie
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It is a well known fact that a large amount of heat is lost through window panels and frames. With winter well on its way, insulating your onboard windows is essential to not only conserve energy onboard and cash, but make those winter days and nights on the water warmer.

Oceanair has the answer with a truly energy-efficient product – the Skysol Duette honeycomb blind, which can cut heat loss and also keep cabins cooler in the summer by reducing heat gain by the same amount. The double walled honeycomb design forms an air pocket. Air contained in the honeycomb cells is an effective insulator. Insulation values are especially high when combined with a blackout fabric choice from the extensive Oceanair Fabric Collection. The blackout fabrics incorporate a metallised film not only for darkening values but contribute to the cellular micro-climate and thermal retaining properties.

Another key advantage of the Skysol Duette blind is versatility: a durable and neat blind with discreetly hidden cords and guide wires in the honeycomb pleat creates an elegant finish. The blind structure also contributes to sound reduction for when moored in a busy marina.

The Skysol Duette blind is available with manual control or a powered system from Oceanair’s Motor Menu. Furthermore, the Oceanair Fabric Collection provides endless options in colour, texture and finish thus complementing a multitude of onboard environments.

Furthermore, the popular Skysol Day/Night blind from Oceanair that contains two blinds in one design – a translucent day blind and a 100% blackout blind for evening privacy – can be customised to encompass the benefits of the energy saving Duette design.

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