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News: Emergency Pump Kits by Edson

July 30, 2010 by Bill Noramin
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One of the most important pieces of safety equipment an offshore boater can have on board is a dependable, high volume manual bilge pump in the event of a power loss with sea water coming on board. As an added safety enhancement, Edson’s renowned Gallon-A-Stroke Emergency Manual Pump Kits now come with Forespar’s award-winning TruPlug® to help stop the flow of water while you pump and a bright orange storage bag for quick identification in an emergency.

“It’s one thing to remove the water from a leaking boat with an Edson Pump, but you also need a means of stopping the leak!” says Edson President Will Keene. “The innovative Forespar TruPlug offers a solution that is worthy of inclusion in our Emergency Pump Kits”.

Edson’s board-mounted Gallon-a-Stroke (30 gallons-per-minute) Emergency Bilge Pump is an offshore must-have – with its large, flow-through openings that will even pump rags through its chambers! Edson’s emergency pump kit has saved countless lives by keeping up with major leaks while repairs are made or a rescue is on its way.

Two models of the Edson Pump Kit with TruPlug and Storage Bag are available and additional TruPlugs and Bags can be purchased separately:

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