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Expedition Yacht Miss Lisa By Citadel Yachts

June 1, 2010 by Superyacht News
Expedition Yacht  Miss Lisa By Citadel Yachts

Miss Lisa, an impressive 92’expedition yacht was introduced by Tacoma’s Citadel Yachts, Inc. in 2009 end. Formerly known as Aleutian Yachts, this company roped in Joseph Artese to customize the yacht and give it a classic profile. This included maximum use of stone and recessed panel and joiner work in anegre in the interiors.

Sally Anne Artese aimed at incorporating a crisp blue and white motif in the yacht while adhering to all the owner’s instructions pertaining to soft goods and lighting. Miss Lisa has an aggressive and powerful profile due to the joinerwork details that were masculine in design. However, the designers were certain that that these details were incorporated in a highly refined and delicate sculptural form to suit the requirements of the owner and his wife.

The Artese Design office has also worked on other projects such as 183’ R/V Alucia, 173’ SuRi, and 175’ Peaceful Fish. However, in the words of the owner’s representative, Mark Masciarotte of DSG Associates, Miss Lila truly signifies the talent of the designer. Joe, who is renowned for his exemplary work and designs across the globe, has beautifully converted the plain sketches in to reality. Considered to be of superlative standards, Miss Lisa calls for a huge round of applause for the craftsmen who worked on the boat.

Miss Lisa was introduced to the industry on a rainy day – 4th of September. While there was rainbow in the skies, the craft seemed to have been held from a cradle and beautifully carried to the waters. The addition of the rainbow made the event quite auspicious and more delightful for everyone present there.

Tacoma, Washington was the place where the christening ceremony was held on 12th September. This 92’expedition yacht moved along with the decommissioned ferry boat Point Ruston and later the owner’s wife christened Miss Lisa when an orchestral sonnet of ship’s horns were sounded. The event also included a Hawaiian-inspired reception aboard the Point Ruston.

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