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News: Experience the mysterious Spice Islands of Indonesia chartering sailing yachts Silolona and Si Datu Bua

July 16, 2012 by Yacht Charter
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Sink into the ancient history of the enigmatic Spice Islands of Indonesia and discover the mysterious jungle tribes of the spectacular charter destinations of Komodo, Savu Sea, Banda, Papua, Raja Ampat or Sulawesi. Two beautiful luxury yachts Silolona and Si Datu Bua are an excellent choice to embark on a charter adventure of a lifetime. Both charter yachts, Si Datu Bua and Silolona, are hand-crafted traditional trading vessels known as ‘PHINISI’, newly constructed using the finest tropical hardwoods by the Master Konjo boat builders of Sulawesi. The yachts are also available for tandem charters.

Luxury charter phinisi SILOLONA yacht

Measuring 50 metres in LOA, sailing yacht SILOLONA combines the best of the traditional spice island sailing vessels with the modern features a charter guests would expect from a luxury yacht. She was built to German Lloyds specifications, assuring safety and comfort to all aboard.

Boasting large decks and aesthetically pleasing interior, the yacht can accommodate 10 charter guests in 5 comfortable cabins, including three master suites and two queen suites. In addition, all of the master suites have an extra sofa, convertible into a bed. Each one of the suites is meticulously appointed with individually chosen accessories and styling.

Luxury charter phinisi Si Datu Bua yacht

Launched in 2012, the 40 metre sailing yacht Si Datu Bua, just like Silolona, was constructed using raw materials specially chosen with great attention to detail. Her interior boasts accessories and elements mirroring the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the Island of Sulawesi.

Luxury charter sailing yacht SI DATU BUA

Luxurious and elegant accommodation is provided to 6 charter guests in three beautifully appointed cabins with all the modern amenities a luxury sailing yacht should offer. Two master suites and one double cabin are available aboard this exceptional traditional phinisi vessel.

Both of the spectacular and very unique charter yachts are available to take you, your friends, colleagues or family on a romantic journey following the ancient Spice Island Trade Routes.

From Papua, Raja Ampat and Banda to Sulawesi and the Komodo region, you will have the opportunity to sail to beautiful places of this spectacular archipelago to experience its rich history, culture and the traditions of its people. You have the opportunity to charter either of the vessels or, for larger groups, charter both Silolona and Si Datu Bua in a tandem yacht charter.

Sulawesi Yacht Charters

Located between Borneo and the Maluku Islands, the spectacular Sulawesi Island is one of the four larger Sunda Islands of Indonesia. Silolona or Si Datu Bua’s luxury charter guests have the opportunity to meet the Sulawesi people, well known for their diverse art abilities, including passion for pottery, silk and cotton weaving, as well as traditional or ceremonial dances.

Raja Ampat Yacht Charters

The beautiful charter destination of Raja Ampat comprises of about 610 islands and her name means ‘Four Kings’ related to four islands: Salawati, Batabta, Waigeo and Misool. Sailing this breathtaking part of the world one will discover majestic limestone structures with plunging cliffs, crystal clear waters and pristine beaches.

For the lovers of the underwater world, Raja Ampat boasts the greates and healthiest coral reef biodiversity of its size in the world.

Komodo Yacht Charters

The Komodo Archipelago is known to attract for its turquoise waters and beautiful pink sand beaches and is an excellent destination to experience moments of unique adventure and fun. There is an array of secluded beaches with stunning coral reefs, marine reptiles, dolphins, whales, giant turtles and manta rays. Here you can find the largest land-dwelling reptile, the Komodo Dragon, about 3.13m long, whose footprints are often seen along the spectacular pink sandy beaches or on the hills.

Banda Yacht Charters

The centre of the Spice Island trade and the original home of the stately nutmeg tree, Banda is a small island, where you can discover the world’s oldest nutmeg gardens, explore private colonial mansions as well as snorkel or dive the remarkable underwater gardens of the lava flows.

Papua Yacht Charter

This tropical island is the home to the world’s second largest rain forest, beautiful beaches as well as a large number of rare species of wildlife, including the flightless cassowary and the amazing bird of paradise. There are over 2,700 species of orchids in Papua.

Savu Sea Charter

Chartering SILOLONA and Si Datu Bua Yachts, you will be taken into the enchanting world of Savu Sea, including Alor, Flores, Savu and Sumba. You will be greeted by volcanic crater lakes, enchanting harbour with traditional fishing crafts or if you prefer, secluded and tranquil bays where you can enjoy incomparable diving, sunbathing or other activities in the pristine waters.

INDONESIA is a truly one of a kind destination in the world. Discovering it aboard a traditional yet luxurious Phinisi Si Datu Bua or Silolona will transport you into the mysterious and magnificent ancient world of the Spice Islands with the magical romantic visions of large sailing ships, exotic sultans, the golden age of exploration and enigmatic jungle tribes.

If we have managed to capture you attention and you would like to find out more about the possibilities of chartering these spectacular and outstanding charter vessels, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team by following this link: http://www.charterworld.com/news/experience-mysterious-spice-islands-indonesia-chartering ...

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