News: Exploring Aegean Coasts

April 10, 2019 by guletcharterblog

“An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease.”

When time comes and need an urgent plan for summer escape, even the word of vacation comes with an inspiration of sweet meltemi winds. More or less you plan your vacation and this year you decided to go for yacht chartering option. And destination is Aegean Sea.

You started to search online. Tones of ads, fancy phrases, catchy taglines, promissory phrases and list goes on. But if you have questions in mind here is the article you should read. This time do not let nobody give you some cheesy options.

Europe is not just for tempting city breaks. If you are into cruising and yacht chartering, you will never regret being in Aegean Sea. Just make clear pinpoint of your bucket list. What do you expect on your vacation on board? Just to chill out, get sun tan? Or maybe to explore the coastline, want to grab your fins, diving suits and jump into turquoise blue water? Which one is you?

Let’s make list for time saving:

1. Consult with an expert
No matter how hard you study it is not possible to know every single detail about the place for a first timer. No harm of asking some advice and support. Instead of wasting your time, you can find simple and easy solutions and cut corners for your gulet vacation. You can also visit Mirya Yachting website for an alternative solutions.

2. Check weather conditions

Being in the North Hemisphere is never means to keep same climate. And so, it is better to check weather forecast to be prepared. In this way you will be well prepared and organize. After that you can easily set it all.
3. Packing up wisely
We have very good news ladies and gentlemen, if you are on board you have a valid excuse not to follow fashion during time on board. You make your own stylish week on board. No high heels, bow ties or tuxedo are required for fine dining experience. Make yourself comfortable. The only obligation is making the most of every single moment.

4. Be a valorous gourmet

Do not be afraid of trying new cuisines, and Aegean cuisine is one of the most delicious. Plus, while you are going around Turkey and let yourself to dig in a marvellous gourmet experience from 7 different region of the country. Turkish cuisine is ready to offer you boundless tastes of Aegean, Mediterranean and beyond. Just give yourself a little push for a little grittiness. And you let yourself enjoy the feast.

If you have further questions Mirya Yachting is ready to help you out with all of it.

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