News: Feadship 46.5m luxury yacht Audacia refitted by Pendennis Shipyard in 2011

February 3, 2012 by black
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In order to facilitate this short build schedule Pendennis undertook extensive measuring and design work in Gibraltar before Adacia superyachts’ journey to the UK. The design brief was provided by Joanne De Guardiola Design who styled the modernised sweeping curves on the rear staircases to the aft swim deck and requested the forward fashion plate removal. Detailed instructions from the designer included inset handrail and curl around the front corner, width and angle of the stair treads, a thicker inside wall along with lowering of its height, and the outside stairwell’s softly rolled edge into the stairs as well as the elevation view of the ‘cut away’ of the stair walls.

This level of detail ensured that all plans were able to be finalised in advance enabling construction of both the grand pair of elliptical staircases and new swim platform prior to motor yacht Audacia’s arrival – the new swim platform had been cleverly designed to allow Pendennis to tie the new structure directly into the ship’s hull whilst remaining sympathetic to the existing Feadship Design.

Audacia yacht arrived in Falmouth on 26th January, at which point work commenced at a fantastic pace as the yacht’s structure was stripped away, cutting the existing swim platform back to the original hull.

To facilitate the short build schedule the project team devised a programme to allow trades to work alongside each other on different elements of the project. For example whilst the fabricators were taking the stern back to its original lines, the engineers were simultaneously dismantling the stabiliser system. Work commenced on preparing for the new double sweeping stairways to be fitted whilst another team worked in parallel forming the shell plating to precisely match the curves of the existing hull. At the same time the forward fashion plates on the main deck were cut out.

During the first few weeks of the project various options for a new foredeck crane were investigated as it became apparent that the existing davit crane was not able to meet the growing requirements of the yacht. The upgrade to this new hydraulic crane was also partly a stylistic decision – with the rest of Audacia eceiving a makeover it was felt that the new crane would enhance the improved aesthetics.

Additionally, it was decided that an improved air conditioning chiller plant would add to guest comfort hence the installation of a new more efficient A/C system. As is often the case when undertaking system overhauls the removal of existing equipment can reveal previously invisible issues. In luxury superyacht Audacia’s case once the existing AC system had been removed it was noticed that the underlying structure had undergone years of condensation corrosion so a substantial swath of the yacht’s structure had to be renewed and painted before the new plant could be installed.

On Monday the 4th of April, 2011, Audacia superyacht left the dry dock under her own power, just nine weeks after her arrival, with an impressive list of works completed with a very pleased Owner: “I have been extremely impressed by the professionalism shown by everyone at Pendennis during this project. The fact that Audacia left the yard within 24 hours of its originally scheduled departure with a job completed on budget and every task done according to very specific and demanding criteria speaks loudly to our complete satisfaction”.

The Owner’s designer, Joanne de Guardiola Design was also delighted with the partnership with the Pendennis team: “The outstanding finished product says it all. Audacia’s refit implemented a handsome design that updated her exterior and fitted seamlessly into her Feadship profile; it was done to the highest quality standards, on time and on budget. It was wonderful to work with Pendennis’ Naval Architects on all aspects of the new stern swim platform, stairs, fashion plates etc. Complicated design ideas were exchanged quickly and effortlessly over the internet supplemented by two in-person meetings whilst measurements, design details and a budget were completed before the yacht entered the yard. The entire Pendennis team delivered top quality professionalism. AND, Audacia looks fabulous!

Motor Yacht Audacia was delivered to her Owners before Easter, 2011, at which point she travelled down to the Mediterranean to be present at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival ahead of her busy charter season.

Summary of Work:

1. 2m stern extension to extend beach deck area including new teak decking on all of the stern section

2. New aft staircases linked to new swim platform

3. Underwater lighting on stern

4. Replace stabilisers with ‘Quantum’ zero speed stabilisers, including overhaul of the supporting structure and systems

5. Removal of forward fashion plate

6. Replacement of A/C chiller unit including improvements to the underlying structure affected by corrosion

7. New hydraulic foredeck crane

8. Modernise vessel whilst remaining sympathetic to the original Feadship Design

9. Fairing and painting of the new works

Audacia Specifications:

Original Builder: Feadship 1987

Original Naval Architect: De Voogt

Refit Naval Arichtect: Pendennis

Refit Designer: Joanne De Guardiola Design & Pendennis

Length Overall: 46.5m

Beam: 8.2m

Draught Max: 3.05m

Hull Material: Steel

Superstructure: Aluminium

Gross Tonnage: 424 tonnes

Guest Cabins: 6

Guests: 12

Crew: 9

Engine Manufacturer: Caterpillar

Number of Engines: 2 Type: Diesel HP: 775hp / 570kW

Speed: 14 knots

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