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News: Ferretti Yachts presents their new Ferretti 720 Yacht

August 27, 2010 by Flea Roberts
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Ferretti Yachts, one of the icons of Italian-made luxury and a historical Ferretti Group brand, presents Ferretti 720 Project, an innovative project developed from the working relationship between Studio Zuccon International Project, AYT – Advanced Yacht Technology, the Group’s naval research and design centre, and the Group’s Centro Stile, a team of skilled architects and designers who constantly research aesthetic and functional solutions.

Ferretti 720 Yacht Project further develops the Ferretti Yachts range. This model harmoniously brings together Ferretti’s DNA with revolutionary elements regards the line and design of the space.

“The new project originates from the innovative concept of which Ferretti 800 was the first example,” comments Alessandro Tirelli, Ferretti Yachts Brand Manager, “or better, the ability to create a balance between the classical-contemporary style of Ferretti Yachts and a modern taste for interiors, combined with a high impact exterior design. All this, without forgetting undisputable values such as quality, functionality of space, comfort and performance which the Ferretti Group never ever compromises”.

“The project developed through our ability to further satisfy our Clients’ demands, even the younger ones,” continues Tirelli, “who like the characteristics of Ferretti Yachts models, but are attracted by increasingly more sporty, racy lines, too.”

“Motor Yacht Ferretti 720 will touch the water for the first time in spring 2011 and we have high expectations for this model. We are sure she will be popular both with Owners who wish to “mature” – as it were – in the Ferretti Yachts range, and new Clients, particularly in Italy, the “extended” Mediterranean Europe (including Turkey), the Middle-East and North America”.

As per tradition, Studio Zuccon International Project developed the project for the hull, the superstructure and the interiors. The resulting yacht features a winning, sporty exterior line, a new concept roll bar, hard top on request, and continuous glazing which runs right along the main deck. Large windows positioned so they light up the guest and VIP cabins at bow have been added to the open views fitted in the hull.

Motoryacht Ferretti 720 Project measures almost 22 metres in length and almost 6 in width. Inside, she features generous spaces, further enlarged by the natural light which filters in through the large windows.

The cockpit is a true outdoor salon, with teak flooring, and a large table with a bench and seating for 8-10 guests. Continuing along, Ferretti 720 Superyacht Project features a large, extraordinarily comfortable salon which, using the width of the hull, offers a spacious environment normally only seen on yachts measuring well over 70’. The interior of the salon has been split into a living area – with an L-shaped sofa, armchair and coffee table to the left – and a dining area, located towards the bow, with a large crystal table and seating for up to eight guests.

Full and empty spaces alternate elegantly, resulting in a well-balanced, lightweight appearance, and the low pieces of furniture are highly functional, whilst still allowing ample room for the windows. Spatiality is intensified by the natural light, adding to the pleasure of being on board.

Even the materials, selected and dealt with by the Ferretti Group’s Centro Stile converge to create the atmosphere, through the coherence of language between the different areas of the yacht. “Grey” oak was chosen for all the furniture, in a lighter shade than the wood itself, in order to create a refined, modern scenario in which the style details mark the different areas. Natural colours express themselves in the widespread use of “brown-grey” lacquering for all the details: the structures for the furniture, the window frames, the wall panelling, the fabrics for the sofa and the crystal for the table and sliding wall, the latter of which isolates the salon from the bow area.

Different materials alternate on the salon wall towards the bow: wood in the centre, a mirror to the left which increases the space. A sliding door in crystal can be fitted to the right, at the Owner’s request, in order to isolate this area from the others on the main deck. Continuing along, an access area leads to the galley and helm station. A spacious, fully-equipped galley is located to the left, and communicates with the helm station by means of a sliding door.

There is a comfortable dinette with two small sofas opposite the galley on the right hand side, which can also be used as a charting area, in direct communication with the helm station. The steering position is located on the left hand side and enjoys excellent visibility thanks to continuous side and bow glazing. On the left, a door opens onto the exterior, so the crew can access the galley-pilot area without having to walk through the salon. The stairs to accessing the area below deck are located on the right.

The night area on superyacht Ferretti 720 Project features space and height which are to the full advantage of the comfort and liveability of the guests on board. The master suite is located full beam in the centre of the yacht. Lit by means of large open view windows, it has been fitted with low furniture, and the bed is oriented in the cruising direction. The large head to the left uses the entire length of the cabin, and is accessed through a sliding door. It features a large shower with crystal walls. A small, comfortable divan is located to the right of the master suite, under the window. A large walk-in closet, low storage unit and built-in, wall-mounted LCD TV complete the furnishings.

Even in the master cabin, the wealth of materials and the natural shades mark the various different areas. It features lacquered details alternated with wall panelling and leather applied to the bed run-around and head board. A mirror has been fitted into the latter.

Two comfortable, twin-bedded cabins are located towards the bow, both with en-suite heads and large shower cubicles, as is the VIP cabin, completely at bow, which is also equipped with a large head and separate shower.

Ferretti Yachts pays great attention to the crew, as well. The crew area, accessed using the stairs located to the left of the cockpit, is completely separate from the Owner/guest area and located astern on the lower deck. A utility room equipped as a laundry area allows for direct access to the engine room, the two cabins and the head.

Ferretti 720 Project provides for installation of twin MTU 10V 2000 M 92 engines with a power of 1381hp (as well as an optional engine) which, in line with Ferretti Yachts tradition, promise an excellent performance.

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