News: Fraser Yachts & Proteksan-Turquoise Announce New 72.6m Super Yacht Project

March 13, 2010 by john
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Stuart Larsen of Fraser Yachts, Ft Lauderdale office has revealed that a contract for the construction of a new Proteksan-Turquoise 72.6m (238’) motor yacht was signed at the beginning of February. Nabil El Jammal in London and Stuart Larsen worked in close partnership to bring this exciting sale to a successful conclusion.

The signing of this deal represents the successful conclusion of yet another luxury yacht construction contract for Fraser Yachts who continue to secure high-end new-build projects despite the delicate state of the world economy. The yacht is scheduled for completion in 2012.

Although specific details cannot be released at this point in time, it can be revealed that the yacht will be able accommodate up to 16 guests and 21 crew and will have a cruising range of approximately 7000 nautical miles. The superyacht will be designed and built by the Turkish based yacht builders, Proteksan Turquoise, and will be built in one of their newly constructed, 80m capacity, dry docks.

Proteksan-Turqoise Yacht Inc. were formed in 1997 following the merger of Proteksan Yachts and Turquoise Yacht Construction. The company has the capacity to build up to 3 superyachts per year, and have been responsible for the construction of several dream megayachts, including Mosaique, Sequel P, Vajoliroja and Leo Fun.

For much of 2009, the global recession brought about a total collapse of activity in the new build sector. There were virtually no new contracts for superyachts (over 50m) with the only contracts signed being re-sale contracts for existing projects where the original client had to pull out. Fortunately there have been encouraging signs during the first months of 2010 and Fraser Yachts believe that the worst is over.

With a number of new-build constructions due for completion within the next 6 months, many shipbuilders are fearful that their docks will soon lie vacant given the current dearth of new-build projects. As a result many companies are continuing to reduce their prices in an effort to secure new-build projects so that their workers will not be left unoccupied. This trend, coupled with a renewed increase in consumer confidence and spending, should mean that 2010 represents a bargain year for those looking to purchase new-build yachts.

Fraser Yachts is the largest yacht service provider in the world, with over 150 employees and 11 international offices. Services include yacht sales, luxury yacht charter, management, construction and crew, specializing in super yachts over 30m.

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