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July 6, 2016 by miryayachting
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SURREY, British Columbia – July 6, 2016 – PRLog — Santorini, the one of many islands in Greece where exceptional views can be experienced from the top of the huge Caldera. World renown for breathtaking sunsets, crystalline turquoise waters, nightlife, restaurants, accommodation and more.

Say you arrived not by plane or ferry; but rather by a luxurious yacht, reaching this amazing island paradise through the Cyclades or from the Dodecanese. Wouldn’t that be an unforgettable experience?

On one of our charters, was an interesting experience with clients, only 3, on the mega gulet Esma Sultan. She is certainly huge, spacious and offers a very rewarding yacht charter holiday in the Greek islands. The last port was Santorini (otherwise known as Thira) and before the final disembarkation, the last day before; clients decided to explore Santorini. Once you reach this volcanic island, there are only three ways in which to reach the said places above. Either you can take the tram or a donkey ride, or simply climb the steps.

The steep trek up numerous (588) steps in stone can be taken via donkey transport – such beautiful animals and hard workers too. Do take note that the cliffs are 300 meters high.

Our clients choose the tram – which is a good choice, as it’s probably easier to take photos as you ascend to the top of the massive Caldera or when you go down, on your return to your yacht.

It is however, an unforgettable experience choosing to take your journey up by donkey.

And so you have it; a magnificent journey in the Cyclades islands to Santorini, aboard the 37.6 meter 16 person luxurious gulet Esma Sultan; and of course the donkey ride.

Ever been to Santorini and gone up the Caldera on a donkey?

Have questions? Let us know!

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