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News: diesel fuel testing kits

September 4, 2010 by Fuelturbo company
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FuelTurbo company just releases its diesel fuel quality test kits, suitable for all marine diesel quality tests.

Our low cost diesel fuel test kits are very useful in diagnosing the levels of contamination in the diesel fuel. The kit will visually show you the level of contamination of sediment / algae / bacteria and water content. They are two tests in one, easily used and results in only 5 minutes. The test bottle is crystal clear and has 4 visual sight indicators that allow you to ascertain the general quality of the diesel fuel. A special water finding chemical strip will show you quickly if water is present in the test sample. The clarity alone will assist in diagnosing the general condition of the diesel fuel and any water present in the sample will indicate the conditions needed that will allow algae / bacteria to form and grow in your fuel.

How to use

1. Remove a sample of fuel and fill test bottle.
2. Insert a water test strip from the sealed bag, refit caps to the bottle. Shake test bottle for at least 60 seconds and allow to rest.
3. Observe the 4 visual sight indicators and water test strip through the back side of the test bottle.

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