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April 10, 2010 by fuelturbo
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The FuelTurbo company was born as we could never find a cost effective solution to the problem of diesel fuel contamination removal. Our marine customers had frequent plugging of fuel filters, damaged engine components like injectors and pumps, lost revenue and downtime of commercial vessels. Sometimes the only option to remove diesel fuel contamination was to remove the tanks, discard the fuel, clean tanks and refit with new fuel which was a very costly operation.The FuelTurbo unit is a high performance mobile polishing and cleaning system for diesel fuel and fuel tank systems. It allows you to safely recover, recycle and reuse diesel fuel that might otherwise be discarded or become a major problem for diesel engine reliability. Although a high tech system it can be operated by anyone with basic mechanical skills. No fuel pipes, supply or return lines need to disturbed from the engine / equipment that is being serviced. No particular knowledge of the engine or equipments fuel system therefore needs to be known by the FuelTurbo technician.The FuelTurbo system draws the fuel out of the tank, through four separate stages of fuel purification and water / sediment / bacteria removal and then returns the clean diesel fuel back to the tank. Our low maintenance machine has a number of key elements including a lightweight strong alloy chassis with pneumatic tyres, powder coated alloy frame, non marking hoses, powerful recirculation vane pump, super strong neodymium magnetic conditioner, quick open cleanable clear basket strainer unit, high flow spin on filtration unit and a unique turbo cyclone separator. The highest quality components are used in the manufacturing of the FuelTurbo unit and its a great system to use in any marina or shipyard.

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