News: Gocek – 12 Islands – Gocek Route Information

September 5, 2021 by miryayachting

Day 1: Göcek: When you arrive in Göcek, a magnificent nature will welcome you. You get on your boat at 15:00. You will spend the night in Göcek in the bosom of silence and nature.

Day 2: Kızıl Island – Arap Island: After a good breakfast in the morning, you will set off and cross over to Kızıl Island. You start to discover the beautiful blue coves of Göcek. After lunch and a sea break, you will sail to Arap Island and anchor to spend the night there.

Day 3: Yassıca Islands- Tersane Island: After a nice breakfast in the morning, you will go to Yassıca Islands. Don’t let go of your cameras here. You will experience the proof of how unique our country is. From here you will pass to Tersane Island and spend the evening and dinner there.

Day 4: Domuz Island-Bedri Rahmi Bay: After waking up in the lap of the sea and nature, you will have a delicious breakfast and go to Pig Island. Here you can enjoy the blue waters, have your lunch, and anchor at Bedri Rahmi Bay to spend the night in this unique bay.

Day 5: Cleopatra Bath-Aga Port: After breakfast, you will go to Cleopatra. Here you will witness the embrace of history and nature. Do lots of diving and enjoy this beautiful sea. Then you will go to Ağa Harbor and have your dinner and spend the night staying in this unique bay.

Day 6: Sarsala- Kisebükü: After a breakfast in touch with nature in the morning, Sarsala welcomes you with all its beauty. After enjoying your lunch in such a bay, you will go to Kisebükü and spend the night there. Under the stars and moonlight.

Day 7: Göcek Island: After breakfast, you will pass to this island paradise on earth. You can enjoy the sea, sun and nature all day long and spend the night.

Day 8: Göcek: After breakfast on the island, you will go to Göcek, where your holiday started. You leave the boat at 10:00 in the morning.

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