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Video: Graham Hawkes, Deep Flight submersibles and the big blue.

November 28, 2008 by Yacht Designer

Graham Hawkes is very much concerned with the beautiful blue ocean and the discoveries submerged therein.

In this talk he takes us aboard his graceful, winged submarines to the depths of planet Ocean (”Earth”). It’s a deep blue world we landlubbers rarely see in 3D.

Graham Hawkes is a world renowned engineer who created the Deep Flight series of winged submersibles. ) In the late 1990’s the first winged submersible was unveiled by Hawkes Ocean Technologies (H.O.T.
Graham Hawkes designed the Deep Rover submersibles which were featured in James Cameron’s 3D IMAX film, “Aliens of the Deep.” prior to beginning the Deep Flight project.

Graham has designed a significant percentage of the manned and unmanned vehicles used by science and industry, including the WASP and MANTIS Atmospheric Diving Suits, and many of the Remotely Operated Vehicles originally built by Deep Ocean Engineering.

From: http://www.ted.com
The Deep Flight Website: http://www.deepflight.com/

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