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News: Grandeur Personified – SuperYacht Octopus

August 21, 2009 by Superyacht Design
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Superyacht Octopus, is the world’s sixth largest superyacht and the second largest yacht not owned by a head of state. Measuring 414 feet in length (126.18 meters) with a draft of 5.7 meter and beam of 21 meter, the yacht was completed and delivered in 2003 to its owner, Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. Octopus is supposed to be known as one of the most luxurious yachts present on earth. It has been the ultimate symbol of untold luxury for a long time. The yacht has been the world’s largest privately owned yacht for five years till the title was taken away from it by other modern ships.

Octopus’ exterior has been designed by the famous Espen Øino Naval Architects and the yacht has been constructed by German shipbuilder Lürssen in Bremen and HDW in Kiel. The interiors have been done by the Seattle based interior designers Jonathan Quinn Barnett and Christian Grevstad. The same designers also provided the yacht with all the required furnishings, lighting, fixtures and other marine equipments.

An epitome of ultimate style and extravagancy, Octopus features such straits that are not present in any other luxurious yachts. A salient feature of Octopus is the space to accommodate two helicopters on the top deck (one in front and one on the back). One helicopter is a small scouting helicopter while the other can be used as an additional transport vehicle. Moreover the yacht also features a large sixty-three foot (19 m) tender docked in the transom .There are in total seven transoms on board.

The aft of one of the yacht’s deck features a massive pool. The yacht’s toy collection includes a remotely operated submarine for recreation and exploration purposes. This fully functional submarine is capable of spending more than two weeks underwater with a crew of about eight people. The yacht also features a unique equipment known as ocean crawling device which is also remote controlled.

Octopus also features ultimate entertainment and recreational facilities such as a movie theater and a music hall with high tech musical equipments and sound systems.

The yacht carries a full time staff of almost sixty people and has a guest capacity of 26. The propulsion system of the yacht provides it with a maximum speed of 20 knots and a cruising speed of 5.7 knots.

The yacht is priced at whopping 200 million dollars, with maintenance charges reaching as high as 20 million dollars. The same owner owns two more yachts by the name ,Medusa and Tatoosh.

However, the Octopus yacht is indeed a boat of riches, personifying total luxury and endless wealth.

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