News: Green Marine’s HAMILTON superyacht among finalists for International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2013

February 8, 2013 by black
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Naval architect studio Judel/vrolijk & Co was appointed by the owner in late 2010 to design what would be the first of the exciting new WallyCento class from Wally Yachts. The owner was determined that luxury yacht Hamilton should be extremely competitive on the race course yet comply with the fixed requirement for a full-facility, though very light, cruising interior.

From interior and exterior styling studio Design Unlimited the owner wanted a simple interior which would be functional for racing, but still exhibit the contemporary modern feel of a Wally and have a comfortable relaxing ambience. On deck he required a sleek, thoroughbred exterior with a guest cockpit separate from the sail handling area.

While ensuring that every possible kilogram of weight would be used to maximise the boat’s performance, Design Unlimited also had to create an interior that met the requirements of the Wally box rule. This included the stipulation that the interior make up at least 54% of the overall volume of the hull, with a large master stateroom with en-suite, two guest cabins again with en-suite and a crew cabin with en-suite/day head. Additional regulations governed surface finishes and headroom requirements, and other comforts had to be available including air conditioning, a fully functional galley and entertainment systems – all for the least possible weight.

It is exceptionally rare to find a yacht that is both an exciting and competitive raceboat, and one that can be used for comfortable bluewater cruising. Thanks to the latest technology and the expertise of all those involved in her build this has been achieved and WallyCento superyacht Hamilton has set a new and very high standard in this respect.

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