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March 30, 2012 by yachtcharterluxury
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Turkey gulet charter holidays begin with the selection of the right gulet followed by the right itinerary and ideal gulet prices. It may become confusing to choose the right gulet for your gulet charter as there are so many to choose from. However if you take it step by step, then you will eventually find the right accommodation.

First you need to determine the size of your group. How many people will be a part of your gulet cruise? Will you need an extra cabin or two for the just-in-case last minute joiners? Gulets vary in the type of cabins. Each gulet offers a mixture of VIP, master, double, triple, single and twin cabins. These cabin types make a difference in not only the number of guests but also the age and status of each. VIP, master, double cabins offer double beds that would be ideal for couples and the twin cabins have 2 twin beds. Single cabins only have one bed. So if you were two families of four with each family having 2 children, ideally you would look for a gulet that offers either 2 master cabins or 2 double cabins; and 2 twin gulet cabins. Therefore its not really a matter of the total group size, it’s also finding a gulet that can cater to the right type of cabin type. To do this part, it is advisable to ask your gulet charter agent to look on your behalf as they are the ones that know the gulet selection the best.

The next step is to realize what your budget is. Generally the class of gulets can vary where some luxury gulets can be in the same price range as the deluxe class gulets. So once you have your shortlist of gulets, you can narrow it down to the price that is right for your pocket book.

When you book your yacht charter holidays, a Preferences List is given for you and your group to fill out. This list helps the gulet charter agent and the crew on board of the gulet you booked, know what foods and beverages are acceptable so that come mealtime you are eating and drinking the foods that are appropriate for you and your guests. Generally there are 3 types of menus to choose from for a full board menu however, guests are welcome to bring on board their own groceries as well for the chef to prepare during their Blue voyage gulet charter. It is usually more cost effective if you let your agent and the crew know which foods you like as they may get more for your money, rather than shopping just anywhere for your groceries.

The Turk Yacht Gulet Charter Guide has this information. So it might be a good idea to request a copy sent to you via email.

So once you have selected and booked your gulet, made your deposit payment and the Preferences list is filled out and sent to your gulet charter agent, the next thing you will need to determine is your journey to the gulet. Will you require an airport transfer? If so, do let your gulet charter agent know so that they can make the arrangements accordingly.

Prior to your departure from home, packing for your gulet cruise charter will have to be done. Generally, it is a pack-whatever-you-wish deal. Most guests do not bring much as they are constantly in the water or sunbathing and doing rather casual activities. And let’s not forget that the cabins aren’t like a hotel, so the more luggage you have the more space it will occupy in your cabin. However if you have plans on going out in the evenings and night time and wish to fancy up a bit then of course you can bring whatever evening wear you wish to wear for the occassions. The whole idea of a gulet travel is to be easy going and relaxed.

Towels and linen are provided so you don’t really have to worry about those items but if you have your favorite beach towels you would prefer to use, then why not, bring them too!

Itineraries are probaby the most flexible part of the gulet sailing holiday. If you are a first-timer, you might like to try a popular itinerary first and then determine an alternative itinerary for the next time – custom made just for you. Gulet charters in Greece are quite favored by guests. However itineraries can change during the trip. It all depends on the weather conditions and other factors. This subject is best discussed during the trip with your experienced captain; as he or she is the one that knows the regions the best. He / she may make suggestions that may make the gulet charter trip more interesting and exciting.

For a full information package, contact Turk Yacht for their new and revised Gulet Charter Guide 2012.

Happy gulet sailing holidays!

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