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March 31, 2012 by sailingcharterturkey
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Gulet blue cruises in Turkey can be quite budget-friendly even during peak season. You can literally get more for your money in comparison to staying in a holiday resort hotel. An economical gulet charter is when you are not looking for the ultimate luxuries such as all day air conditioning, a jacuzzi on the deck, and selecting from a standard to luxury class gulet with the number of cabins being 12 or higher. The reason for the last point is that the gulet rentals are based on the full rental of the vessel itself, the more guests it can accommodate the less the price it will be per person.

Gulet cruise travel in Turkey are quite ideal for family holidays. Three families of 4 can easily afford a gulet charter. Not only is that an advantage but the cruise itself is also an advantage. The whole travelling experience, particularly for the kids will create so much fun and enjoyment. How many children hate going into the water to play? With some kids, you just can’t get them out. Having the right safety precautions in place, there is no better playing area than in the water! Most gullets come with a variety of water toys such as ringos, hamburgers, canoes, water skiis, and snorkelling sets with flippers. So there is much for the children to do all day while parents relax and enjoy themselves on deck. Children also sleep better when they’re tuckered out from a good day of activity!

Hypothetical Scenario 1

Let’s take for example an 8 cabin gulet like the Gokce 3, or the Ugurum gulet, or the Efsane Yigit. During peak season (July and August) the cost is 1,750€ per day for the gulet. These gulets can accommodate a total of 16 guests, 4 families.

We divide the gulet rental price into 4 families.
Each family is a total of 4 persons.
1,750€ / 4 = 437.50€ per day / family.
Divide 437.50€ / 4 persons = 109€ per person / day.
Add 35€ per person / day for food and beverages. 109€ + 35€.
Total: 144€ per person / day / full board.

Now let’s add an itinerary from Marmaris to Rhodes Island and back to Marmaris. Does the price change? Yes. All you have to add on are the Greek Port charges and passport processing.

What if we embark from Marmaris and travel to Fethiye and back to Marmaris. Does the price change? No. Unless you buy souvenirs and other items extra for your own personal liking.

Hypothetical Scenario 2

Let’s take for example an 7 cabin gulet like the Sadri Usta. During peak season (July and August) the cost is 1,650€ per day for the gulet. These gulets can accommodate a total of 18 guests.

1,650€ / 18 = 92€ per day / person.
Add 35€ per person / day for food and beverages. 92€ + 35€.
Total: 127€ per person / day / full board (3 meals, 5 o’clock tea, soft drinks).

Your travel from Marmaris habour, all the in between stops to fabulous bays and villages, to the end of the route which is Fethiye habour, and then your return back to Marmaris, with again the in between stops made to beautiful bays and islands is included. The gulet cruise holiday also includes your 3 meals, 5 o’clock tea, and soft drinks; all the water toys on board, the largest swimming pool ever, all sorts of lovely beaches, historical sites and cities along the way, lounging mat that you would normally pay for at the beach or fight for at the hotel, your fuel, your habor fees, the private on board crew that is there for you around the clock, personal table service, bed linen and towels, no dishes, no cleaning… and the best memories ever!

With a gulet cruise travel in Turkey, you do get more for your money. So the saying that gulet cruises are a luxury dream that can’t be afforded may not be the case afterall!

For more information or gulet cruise offers please contact us with your questions or request our Gulet Charter Guide 2012.

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