Gulet Holiday

February 11, 2011 by ajans48

In private gulet charter, everyday the gulet visit two or three bays and there we have enouf time for swim, sunshine, read your book, playing games with friends, snorkelling, winsurfing, water-ski and land tours is olso posibilities during each day. The last stop end of day will be the place to stay and watch to sky over night. When it is necercary for the yacht or if you like a visit small fishermann willage we can anchor to harbour for a while. Traditional wooden gulets cruise most of the time with engine, but if the wind direction fits to the rotation and is strong enough for the time with engine, but if the wind direction fits to the rotation and is strong enough for the gulet so time to used sails as you likes. We can’t compare Turkish gulets with the sailing boot because of tonaj and type, we say gulet is the middle of sailing yacht and motor yacht but one thinks we are sure when you choice a gulet weekly cruise with us end of week we send you back home with unforgottable memories you never forget. We wish we can have that chance, rest is our job.

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