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News: H2 and Laurent Giles designed 110m megayacht Project Atlas

September 12, 2012 by Alex Lever
View large version of image: H2 and Laurent Giles designed 110m megayacht Project Atlas

The contemporary 110m 5 deck superyacht Project Atlas form is complimented by the sail arrangement, demonstrating the potential in merging Superyacht volume with the graceful elegance of a sailing yacht.

When using both motor and sails the 110m megayacht Atlas can cruise easily at 16 knots with a possible fuel saving of between 40% and 60%, coupled with an equivalent increase in range.

Heeling is limited to maintain the comfort expectations and characteristics of a motor powered superyacht Project Atlas. Stabilisation under power and at anchor is provided by retractable active stabilisers, however, underway the natural damping of the sails offers energy free stabilisation.

Power is provided by a diesel electric power plant and is designed to be totally flexible with the sail power. The diesel electric combination can alone power the Project Atlas yacht to a maximum speed of 18 knots with a range without sail assist of 8000 Nmiles.

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