News: Halyard Marine Silencer will be fitted to a large mistery boat somewhere in a Nordic Country

June 10, 2010 by yachtlover
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As boats of all shapes, size and function take to the seas this summer, UK based Halyard Marine Ltd is on a mission to ensure that peace can prevail on the water, by making noisy vessels a thing of the past.

With its recent Queen’s Awards for innovation, and a global reputation for the custom manufacture of specialist marine exhaust systems, Halyard has just completed a sizeable order that will see some of the largest silencers ever made by the company being exported to a Nordic country for a mystery vessel.

The silencers have been ordered by a long standing Halyard customer, and have been completely designed and manufactured in-house by the company’s expert team. The bespoke silencers stand at an impressive 1.85M making them large enough to drastically reduce noise onboard a boat hosting engines of up to more than 2,000hp.

Whether aiming for high speed in a James Bond style jet boat, operating a powerful defense vessel or cruising the Mediterranean on a luxury yacht, comfort for those onboard is of paramount importance for the enjoyment of any boating experience. Engine and mechanical noise can be tiring and is known to contribute to seasickness, leading to an ever increasing demand for quieter boats.
Halyard’s exhaust systems provide an effective solution to noise and vibration, by reducing sound levels by as much as 80%, on craft ranging from small sailboats, through military and commercial to the world’s largest superyachts. It is also the only company in the world able to manufacture an entire exhaust solution from “turbo to transom” in-house.

These latest silencers illustrate a continued increase in Halyard’s export business, which has increased by 25% in the last 12 months. The silencers will be exported to their Nordic destination where they will be installed as part of a full exhaust system supplied by Halyard.

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