News: Highly innovative 63m Abeking & Rasmussen SWATH Explorer Yacht

January 6, 2013 by black
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With exterior designed by Reymond Langton Design, the new Explorer yacht SWATH 63m project provides her guests with great on deck areas, including salons with unprecedented areal space, free balconies and generously dimensioned free zones, for pleasant stay on board even in rough seas. This innovative concept opens up new adventurous worlds, which conventional yachts have nothing to set against.

SWATH stands for a Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull, describing a state-of-the-art hull-concept for smooth service in rough seas. The buoyancy of a SWATH-vessel is provided by submerged torpedo-like bodies, which are connected by single or twin struts to the upper platform. The cross-section at sea-surface level is minimised and thus only a minimum of the ship is exposed to the lifting forces of the waves.

The new 63m SWATH Explorer Yacht by Abeking & Rasmussen features a neatly horizontal deck at all times! Thanks to the small waterplane area exposed to the surface waves, a SWATH-ship is not ‘thrown to the side’ or ‘falling into the hole between the waves’ crests’ like a monohull or a conventional catamaran. The rolling and pitching angles are dramatically smaller.

This vessel, such as the new Explorer yacht SWATH 63m, can be compared to a filter, which reacts only with smooth heaving motions (low acceleration level) to the various surface wave patterns. The SWATH provides a sensationally stable platform for her guests’ transport and dinner cruises (… without bolted tables and sliding glasses!).

In addition to her great stability and spectacular looks, the new SWATH explorer yacht boasts 63,40 metres (208 feet), has a beam of 24,5 metres (80 feet) and a draft of 6 metres (19,50 feet).

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