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December 4, 2022 by miryayachting
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You don’t have to be a fan of history to want to witness some of the most stunning examples of ancient building. When you take a holiday aboard a Fethiye vacation, you won’t have to travel far to discover some of Turkey’s most fascinating histories.
There are numerous historical sites spread throughout the entire Fethiye region. Fethiye itself was previously known as Telmessos, a Lycian city. Be ready to capture a lot of videos and images since four of the top places to go in Fethiye during, before, or even after your yacht charter vacation are lovely and exciting. Starting at Fethiye, you might go to the historic Telmessos Hellenistic theater by the quay.
A sight that is almost a natural wonder is another great place to see. It is very astounding how the Lycians were able to create such magnificent works of art, as evidenced in the Lycian Rock-cut tombs near the town of Dalyan, so long ago (ancient Caunos). When your gulet cruise in Fethiye arrives in Ekincik Bay, you change to a piyade, a diminutive riverboat. You’ll board this boat to travel to the historic city of Caunos through the towering reeds.
Due to the potential level of danger, a visit to the tombs is not included in this excursion. However, hikers have been known to venture into these rock tombs by themselves. You can therefore, if you like, examine this unique aspect of history with your party after a short hike.
A location that resembles a fortress is located in Fethiye on a hill. Although it is farther interior, you can simply book a day trip from your private boat charter in Fethiye, Turkey to go there.
On the slope overlooking the harbor in Fethiye is one more location that should not be missed. Ancient rock tombs from the Lycian culture, dating to the fourth century B.C., were cut so meticulously.
Although it isn’t as big or as wide as the ones in Caunos, it is still extremely spectacular and definitely worth a trip. It takes roughly an hour to walk here from your charter boat in Fethiye if it is docked at the private marina or municipal harbor. As you approach the harbor in Fethiye, you can actually see it fairly clearly.
As you can see, there is much more to your vacation than simply renting a boat—even before or after your blue cruise in Turkey
Contact the experienced team of Mirya Yachting to get more information and explore this magnificent nature.

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