How to Private Gulet Cruises ?

August 26, 2012 by derinblu
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Private gulet cruises – These are the kinds of holidays that mean that it is custom tailored to your expectations. When looking for a private gulet cruise in Turkey or Greece, features such as itinerary, accommodation as well as other types of criteria are taken into consideration during the planning stages.

Private gulet cruises in Southern Turkey and Greek Islands
A gulet hire that is meant for private parties and serves no other than the party that rents the boat. The crew is available around the clock to cater to your requests in food and beverage services, information on the itinerary and the places where the anchor is dropped, and any other information pertaining to your holidays at sea.

In order for a successful planning of a private yacht cruise in Turkey, guests should communicate with the yacht charter agent and express what they expect from their holidays; such as the yacht, the itinerary, the menu and beverages. To shortlist a yacht or gulet, first of all the number of guests must be known, then a budget should be established, after this the remaining details.

Blue cruise dining aboard the magnificent Mare Nostrum gulet
Some guests prefer to add a preset blue cruise menu, while others choose to have specific items they wish to use and consume on board. Although one must keep in mind that there are certain supplies that must be bought, outside of just the food themselves that the guests who hire a gulet must purchase to use while on a yacht cruise holiday.

The itinerary is also a choice that guests can make provided that the conditions are suitable for the gulet choosen and the weather is permittable. This part can also be discussed in length with your gulet cruise agent.

A private gulet cruise is a special way to treat you and your group to a unique and personal experience while cruising the beautiful southern coastline of Turkey as well as the nearby Greek Islands.

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