News: Icon 48 sailing yacht LEELOO by K&M Yachtbuilders to be delivered this week

December 20, 2011 by ss
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The owner, a Dutch entrepreneur, had his ship designed by Kees van de Stadt from Satellite Yacht Design according to his own wishes and requirements. With the drawings in his hands he started looking for a shipyard. He decided on K&M in the end for various reasons: trust, the opportunity to be involved in the building process, affinity with aluminium and cost-effectiveness.

Kees van de Stadt: “The customer’s first design feature was: ‘Less is more’. This meant that the Icon 48 was to be a true sailing boat, without complicated systems on board.” A casco from Sealium (a special, extra light alloy from aluminium), a stiff, light carbon mast and boom, light building materials and construction methods, a basic interior and a bulb keel with a draught of 2.40m, have contributed to creating a ship which can be sailed swiftly and easily. Suitable for sailing competitions as well as recreational sailing.

Sailing Yacht “Leeloo” has a striking, chic appearance; the hull is dark-brown metallic, and the metallic superstructure is champagne-coloured. The hatches, designed in collaboration with the owner, are in a flush position in chocolate-coloured Esthec, a composite deck cover. The anchor, the anchor attachment and the furler are below deck. All the lines run from the mast below deck to the cockpit. All this gives the deck a very neat look.

The cockpit is spacious and open, which means that a complete competition crew will have enough room to manoeuvre. Because of the double steering position the skipper will always be able to steer at the higher position, with a good view ahead. Both wheels are from aluminium, with a leather cover.

And what about the name “Leeloo”? Cult fans will probably recognise it from the film “Fifth Element”, in which “Leeloo” is the fifth element which complements the primal elements of earth, fire, air and water. A suitable name for a special yacht!

Specifications of the Icon 48 sailing yacht “Leeloo”

LOA: 14.65 m

LWL: 13.40 m

Width: 4.50 m

Displacement: 10,200 kg
Draught: 2.40 m

Sail surface: 123 m3

K&M Yachtbuilders is currently building the following yachts:

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• Bestevaer 73S “Christopher” yacht
• Bestevaer 55ST “Morning Haze”
• Bestevaer 53ST “Suse”
• Bestevaer 49ST “Rih Malti”
• Bestewind 50 “Olivia”, “Krabat”, and “Princess of Tides”
• Stadtship 54 “Aka”
• German 39C (casco)

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