News: Impressive 142m Mega Sailing Yacht A in build

September 4, 2015 by black
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Currently being outfitted at the German shipyard German Naval Yards, a sister facility to Nobiskrug, the imposing sailing mega yacht A is said to feature eight decks and an impressive beam of 24,88 metres (81’6”). The gross tonnage is unknown at this stage.

Yacht ‘A’ was designed by the proclaimed designer Philippe Starck, who was also responsible for the design of the very original and equally imposing mega motor yacht ‘A’. Both, motor yacht A and sailing yacht A, were designed for the same owner.

Once completed, mega yacht A will represent the world’s largest sailing yacht. Considered a sail-assisted motor yacht, she will cruise on diesel-electric propulsion and is believed to start sea trials very shortly. From the images posted in the media, we can expect another unique and dramatically striking mega yacht, which will surely turn many heads wherever, she appears.

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