News: Impressive 92m superyacht Project 92 SYD DISCOVERY presented by Zuccon SuperYacht Design

September 23, 2013 by lucy
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Superyacht Project 92 SYD Discovery’s main featuring elements is the unusual switch of the typical external spaces’ functions; swimming pool, outdoor living and sunbathing areas are moved from stern to bow, for a maximum privacy, while the aft part on the Main Deck is now being used as a ‘technical space’ (for toys, tenders and so on). Therefore, this led also to a different use of each deck.

The Main Deck is thought to be a welcome entrance lobby for the guest, but is also where some of the crew activites are carried on – even the docking operations are carried on away from guests view, having the anchor and winch areas on the Main Deck been covered.

The Upper Deck thus is entirely dedicated to the onboard life, ensuring even more privacy to the Owner and his guests. The great attention given to the external spaces’ configuration, underlines the importance given to those areas. Compared to more traditional same size vessel configurations, the external space here plays a key role in the distributive development by physically ‘entering’ the volumes. The aim is to celebrate the marine nature of the yacht, whose dimension should not compromise the close relationship with the sea. Hence the designing choice to keep predominant the relation between external spaces and the whole volumes.

From a formal point of view the 92 SYD Discovery yacht is characterised by essential lines, together with a rigorous geometry of the different decks, similarly to the terrestrial architecture patterns. Drawing inspirations from the theorical principles that could be found in the creations of architects such as Peter Eisenman or Steven Holl, in which relationship between empty and full spaces is the key element; on the 92M Discovery the featuring element is yet the idea of ‘absence’ itself: part of the superstructure has been emptied so to alter the traditional perception of the skyline, thus revealing the will to reduce the internal volumes in favour of new spaces, otherwise non-existent.

The 92 Discovery superyacht is developed on to six full decks. Both the Sub Deck and the Lower Deck are exclusively dedicated to the technical spaces and the crew, with the exception of the extreme STERN part, in which a beach club, with a spa zone is placed, that can be enjoyed also while sailing (thanks to the two large window placed on the transom). The beach club, as well as the spa, are connected with the Main Deck through a stair, different from the lobby’s main one, so to create a two floor living area, with a direct link to the beach club.

The Main Deck displays a large living area with cinema, forward, while the six guest cabins and the two VIP cabins – these with their own private terrace- are located on aftward. Quite originally, at the extreme stern has been placed two ten meters tenders, in addition to the tenders & toys in the Lower Deck.

The same stairs that goes through the beach club and the living area on the Main Deck, reaches the main saloon in the Upper Deck, thus creating an alternative way to get on this deck, that cleary becomes the most important deck for the onboard life. Forward can be found a sunbathing area with a bar, as well as a lunch area and an internal living room.

Walking through the lobby, right in the middle of the vessel, there is the aft dining room that, thanks to a sliding doors system, can be lived both as an independent covered area, or as an external lunch area, connected to the existing one and to the swimming pool/sunbathing area; all together they form a 300sqm external area. The helipad can be found at the extreme bow.

The deck above the Upper Deck is entirely dedicated to the Owner who has a huge cabin, a studio and a large terrace with sunbathing area and Jacuzzi, all for his personal use only. On the higher deck can be found the bridge, along with the captain cabin and an external deck for the crew.

The new Zuccon Superyacht Design proposition is willing to overcome the yacht design standards, so to explore a new yacht typology based on the link between design and architecture, always focusing the attention on the relationship between the man, the external spaces and the sea. The patterns has to be able to pointing out a clear print, at the same time clearly recognizable and timeless, shifting between volumes balances and trying to promote the external spaces.

The 92 SYD Discovery yacht, as it was for the luxury yacht 90m SYD, has to meet and satisfy the different market’s requirement: a product has to be sensitive to the new possibilities offered by the technology, to the new oportunities for the onboard life, while at the same time, providing new attractivities for the Owner, never forgetting the everlasting link with the sea.

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