News: ISA Supryachts Announce The Sale of a 50m New Build Yacht

March 18, 2010 by Yachtie
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ISA Yachts announce the inhouse sale of a new 50 metre displacement motor yacht. The elegant ISA superyacht is a new custom-made project, developed on the 50m platform.

The yacht’s modern silhouette has been designed according to the client’s style, with ISA’s architect, Andrea Vallicelli, ISA marketing and technical team, a proficient and successful team.

The new build ISA 50m is a tri-deck displacement luxury yacht. The motor yacht will have a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, which combines a streamlined, graceful outline of the ISA 50m, with the transom stairways of the ISA 47m series.

This results in a modern and sporty yacht with an elegant stern. The yacht also features a versatile beach area, which is accessed from the swim platform by to wide, curved glass doors.

The interior design of the new ISA 50m yacht is the work of Francesco Paszkowski. The superyacht is the Italian designer’s first project with the ISA.

The steel cut of the new motor yacht is already in process, and the new ISA yacht is due to be delivered in the summer, 2011.

The 50m new build yacht project is an addition to three other large yachts currently under construction at ISA: their 60m, 63m and 50m yachts are all due to be delivered in 2010.

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