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July 28, 2010 by bert640
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A benchmark in the world of the outboard-engine boat, the Cap Camarat range has remained crowned with success ever since the launch of the first Cap Camarat almost 30 years ago.

In 2011, the Cap Camarat range is adding major innovations such as the Cap Camarat 8.5 WA, the new ‘flag ship’ of the range, and the Cap Camarat 7.5 WA, which is closely inspired by it, and the completely new “fishing” style developed for the new Cap Camarat 7.5 CC.

Combining perfectly style and practicality, the new Cap Camarat 8.5 WA and 7.5 WA will present a strong challenge in the large WA cruiser market.

Retaining the normal level of comfort of a Cap Camarat, the new Cap Camarat 7.5 CC, in its “fishing” style, affirms and presents the very strong, exclusive image of a large ‘Centre Console’ boat.

The recent Cap Camarat Day Cruisers, of which the new Cap Camarat 7.5 DC has already met with great success, complete the construction of this multi-function range.

The growth of its market share of the generic range of the Cap Camarat, already leading the European market for outboard motor boats, will be assured through the three ranges developed:

Cap Camarat Centre Console : 5.1 CC – 5.5 CC – 6.5 CC – 7.5 CC

Cap Camarat Walk Around : 5.5 WA – 6.5 WA – 7.5 WA – 8.5WA

Cap Camarat Day Cruiser : 5.5DC – 6.5DC – 7.5DC


The Cap Camarat 8.5 WA has all the advantages of Jeanneau’s unique experience in the design of the Walk Around (also called ‘sundeck’), for which they are trailblazers in Europe.

Joining the line of preceding Jeanneau WA models and establishing the coastal cruising and fishing profile, the Cap Camarat 8.5 WA is defined by the following major points: an elegant design – a traditional Jeanneau hull (without step) – single or twin engines – excellent freedom of movement on board – a very clear cockpit – a large ‘ultra-flat’ sundeck and comfortable accommodation for four persons (with shower).

The innovations to the hull windows – ‘sea view’, the cabin ventilation, the galley position and the modularity of the cockpit strengthen further the Cap Camarat 8.5 WA’ character.

Whilst strictly observing fundamental Jeanneau criteria (design – performance – safety and comfort on board – use of space) and offering several new ideas in terms of on-board comfort, the CC 8.5 WA holds all the aces to make a conspicuous entry into the European market for 8-9 metre outboards.

The Cap Camarat 7.5 WA is a strategic model as it, on its own, is aimed at replacing two very successful models: the Cap Camarat 715 WA and 755 WA.

Why? Because today, progress in terms of design shows that the best from these two very similar models (25cm difference in hull length) can be offered by just one, better-balanced model.

How? By following one golden rule: strictly observing the fundamental criteria of a Jeanneau WA (design – performance – safety and comfort on board – use of space) and incorporating the best aspects of both models being replaced.

The Cap Camarat 7.5 WA has already surprised by its very elegant design, lovely hull (without step), single or twin engines, adaptable cockpit, ‘ ultra-flat’ sundeck and its cabin with ‘sea views’ and separate heads area.

The Cap Camarat 7.5 WA certainly has all the qualities to very rapidly become the best selling WA in Europe.

For this, the Cap Camarat 7.5 CC breaks new ground by combining the idea of ‘fishing’ with the requirements for the ‘Cap Camarat’.

The ‘fishing’ aspect? Embodied by an aggressive design (S-shaped deck line, huge ‘sculpted’ console), special ergonomics (leaning post, the layout of the helm position, adaptable cockpit, fish box) and single or twin engines.

The ‘Cap Camarat’ aspect? Embodied by a traditional Jeanneau hull (fast and ‘smooth’), real comfort in use (access to the console via a sliding door) and maximum use of space (adaptable cockpit and forward saloon).

Fascinated by it, enthusiasts will find in the Cap Camarat 7.5 CC exactly all they are looking for in terms of style, character and sailing profile.

The Cap Camarat 7.5 CC is therefore aimed at enthusiasts who will find in it exactly what they are looking for in terms of style, character and sailing profile.

The new Cap Camarat 7.5DC offers you cruising without compromise. This highly modular family boat with its sleek contemporary lines strikes exactly the right balance between style, comfort and safety.

The expressive design and flowing lines of the Cap Camarat 7.5DC introduce a new style of boat. It shares the same very slender foredeck and wraparound windscreen as the rest of the Day Cruiser range. The efficiency of this new hull comes into its own under the most demanding conditions.

In terms of comfort, the large sofa and sunbathing platform make the cockpit a real open-air saloon. A galley, built-in sprayhood and one of the most luxurious driving positions in the market underline the extreme levels of onboard comfort offered by this model.

In terms of safety, the very wide forward access and uncluttered surfaces are the result of exceptional design expertise. The broad steps integrated with the sliding door make foredeck access very safe and easy.

Inside, the new CC 7.5DC is all about ingenuity and modularity. The saloon converts to a double bed, with a third berth and separate private WC. Its large hull and deck ports flood the entire interior with natural light.

The trailerable CC 7.5DC is ideal for family chillout weekends in fantastic locations. This new chic and trendy model comes complete with all the latest innovations in safety and comfort, and offers an exceptional level of finish with the use of extremely high-quality materials.


The development of the Merry Fisher is ongoing as it absorbs the expectations of new owners in real time.

Increasingly individual, thanks to their design and careful manufacture, Merry Fishers have acquired a positive image of a boat for cruising or fishing (Marlin).

In 2011, Jeanneau will be innovating once again with the launch of a new model with a strong character, an assertive image and with a multi-purpose design: the Merry Fisher 6 Marlin.

Aimed at those who love fishing, the Merry Fisher 6 Marlin differs with its Scandinavian “SUV” design, and so is aimed directly at owners looking for an adaptable boat with a more exclusive design.

With the new Merry Fisher 595, Jeanneau is confirming the idea of cruising “with plenty of interior space and a new design” developed from the Merry Fisher 645, which has already met with great success.

Two new Merry Fishers come with a strong image, a very personal style, and a very successful design for their intended purposes.

Fishing: For this, some aspects have been carefully developed, such as: outboard engines (good speed (25/30kts)) – voluminous hull (lift) – leading edge of keel (anti-drift) – cockpit (access, size, protection) – safety on board (recessed side deck) – special equipment (fish box, tiller, rubbing strake) – wheelhouse (access, visibility, ergonomics of driving position, rod stowage).

Day trips: For these, the design has been specially looked at (launch ‘patrol boat’ type of wheelhouse, ‘wave’ shaped deck line – presentation (hull colour) – comfort on board (adaptable cockpit, sound-proofing of the outboard engine).

Stemming from Scandinavian boats and service boats, the very personal style of the Merry Fisher 6 Marlin will bring this very prestigious new concept to European markets.

Continuing with the same concept as the Merry Fisher 645, the Merry Fisher 595 becomes the first model in the new category of Jeanneau cabin cruisers.

Priority has been given to cockpit space, which is greater than average and with its large removable bench seat gives excellent comfort whether for fishing (bench seat stowed)or for trips.

Providing a surprising, completely open amount of space as well as wide glazed areas, the Merry Fisher 595 cabin has facing seating that converts to a berth with a sea view and another double berth, which enables short coastal and family sailing trips. The driver’s bench seat faces the sea and allows to share the navigation with the pilot.

The equipment offered, such as the glazed wheelhouse roof, the 3-panel sliding door or the refrigerator, normally available only on bigger boats, is plentiful and will make the Merry Fisher 595 the benchmark for the 6-metre category.

Without discussing a new range now, the main thing is to lay claim to the very innovative design of the NC 11.

“Apartment with terrace and sea view”. This new concept takes in the latest innovations from the Jeanneau research department (in collaboration with the ideas of the Garroni and Premorel office) for a new way of organising space and a new approach to life on board.

With an elegant shape and contemporary design, the NC 11 offers primarily a new vision of the family boat, both reassuring and very up-to-date.

Completely open to the horizon and the sea through its glazed openings (panoramic windows and opening roof), its adaptable cockpit (sliding cockpit bench seat) and its access to the outside (4-panel sliding door aft, side door), the NC 11 can also close up its interior spaces that are both simple and comfortable (cabins, large head compartment, saloon, stowage) and adaptable (the whole saloon can be converted).

Finally, economical and adaptable for all purposes (stern drive transmission for efficiency, range of power choices for economy), the NC 11 fully embodies the new “responsible” approach endorsed today by an increasing number of pleasure sailors.

The NC 11 sets a new course , stamped with the knowledge, changes and reasons with which many owners will identify as their approach to family sailing evolves.


For 20 years, Prestige has gradually established itself as a benchmark in the leisure boating world that cannot be ignored.

A true success born out of a vision – to create a brand of motor yachts combining excellent sea keepin qualities with clever accommodation.


prestige flybridge

prestige 350

prestige 400

prestige 440

prestige 510

prestige express

prestige 390s

prestige 440s

prestige 500s

prestige yachts

prestige 60

To become a benchmark in its market, the Prestige 350 is very innovative, becoming the first Flybridge model powered by stern drive. It takes on the new Prestige style, stemming from the famous Prestige 60, and makes its cruising role comfortable by offering the same standard of comfort as all the Prestige

The stern drive engine:

On this size of boat, the stern drive engine, which performs so well (+ 30% in comparison with shaft drive), offers an incomparable output. It makes therefore perfect sense to offer the best performing engine (and therefore the most economical for a given speed) on the latest Prestige. In addition, the way in which the use of this type and size of cruising boat has developed increases pressure to be able to sail where one wants in very shallow water. This fits in perfectly with stern drive transmission.

The new Prestige style:

The new Prestige style is being introduced on new models and by extension on the existing models. The Prestige 350 therefore takes on a new, assertive style (raised deck line, slender windows, large flybridge dominated by an arch aft) and an interior style based on new materials in more contrasted colours (painting of instrument panel, linings, woodwork) and with cleaner and sleeker lines.

The Prestige type of comfortable accommodation:

Throughout the Prestige line, the key features of on-board comfort are excellent ergonomics (including movement around the boat), a very light interior, a great deal of space and an extra large flybridge. To these criteria, the Prestige 350 adds a very attractive owner’s cabin with “sea view”, a second, particularly comfortable cabin with two single berths that can be converted to a double, a head compartment with its separate shower space, a full galley, a saloon with a very spacious settee and surprisingly spacious flybridge accommodation.

Cannes – La Rochelle – Gênes – Barcelone – Paris

A new style of Prestige, with the interior open to the sea and an impressive living space, characterises the Prestige 400, which fits perfectly into the new world of the Prestige.

Going down to the interior, the new style Prestige offers a harmony of shape, materials and colours that is both contemporary and elegant without being excessive.

On the exterior, the lines of the flybridge and side windows give the Prestige 400 a new, very personalised stamp.

The U-shaped saloon, with its panoramic sea view, is unique and makes the new generation of Prestige stand out well.

The spacious galley, although separate from the saloon, is not isolated and is also a very “open” space.

The owner’s cabin (with sea view) and private head compartment offer real comfort. The second cabin has a comfortable head compartment also with private access. The layout of this accommodation allows a similar standard of comfort to be given to the occupants of both cabins.

The flybridge, thrusting, very spacious and protected by the seat backs, gives a U-shaped eating area, a protected sun deck and driver’s bench seat (into which a cockpit refrigerator can be built).

Very comfortable and luxurious, the Prestige 400 becomes a flagship model in the world of the 40-footer.

The new Prestige 500 S lies perfectly in the philosophy of the world of the Prestige: “clear” design; good sea-keeping qualities; simple, elegant style; very large living space.

In addition, the Prestige 500 S offers a very special consideration unveiling a new type of layout: the concept of an “owner’s suite” on a boat of under 50 feet.

Already unique in its market, the Prestige 500 S offers the comfort of much bigger boats in less than 50’.

“Clear” design: The Prestige 500 S is a large “coupé”, characterised by a very comfortable interior saloon (with a large, opening roof and a sliding panel aft), which gives onto a cockpit “lounge” on the same level (with tender garage).

The “coupé” concept greatly encourages use for cruising and relaxation during the sailing season, (as opposed to the “open sport top”, which is aimed mainly at day boating).

Sea-keeping qualities: the powerful, spacious hull has been designed to obtain the best speed/efficiency ratio and first-class sea keeping. For efficiency and economy in use, the engine chosen – VOLVO with IPS 2 transmission – gives the best. For performance, the very wide, evolutionary, measured (X °) V-hull ensures the desired speeds (smooth hull) and life on board in real comfort under way (basic stability).

Simple, elegant style: The style of the Prestige 500 S is marked out as simple, without excess, and very elegant. The high, powerful hull, emphasised by its very characteristic windows, is its first credential. The new outline, very uncluttered with large glazed areas and flowing sport top, is distinguished by the very fresh, individual lines (gouge line on the sport top, shape of the side windows, windscreen shape); lastly, the size of the sport top, covering half the length of the cockpit, and the very contemporary style of the cockpit “lounge”, giving a perfect balance of space. The natural, timeless elegance of the Prestige 500 S makes it stand out in an overly competitive design world.

Very large living space: The Prestige 500 S above all retains the charm of life on board. Choosing to offer “living on one level” determines the whole of the interior accommodation.

Outside, the cockpit “lounge” is treated as a real living area. Completely open to the saloon and galley through the sliding door when fully open (4-panel door), it becomes a natural extension.

Open to the sky to benefit from the sun, it can be completely protected by a furling sun awning.

The sundeck forward also benefits from very comfortable equipment, being fitted with a recessed bimini and backrests for reading.


During the development of the all new 2011 Sun Odyssey 409 the goal was clear; take every element that embodies the Sun Odyssey range and make it better. The result is a yacht that is undeniable a Jeanneau.

The new Sun Odyssey 409 has already received the prestigious nomination to the 2010/2011 European Yacht of the Year. This nomination comes from the major European magazines from 11 different countries.

The key innovations include the complete rethinking of the deck and sail plan to make this boat, not only fast, but incredibly easy to handle. A high-aspect rig and several choices of sail plan make this boat adaptable to every type of navigation from club racing to family cruising. The modern hull designed by Philippe Briand takes advantage of latest advances in hull design. The hard chine on the aft section of the hull increases stability and performance while creating extra volume in the aft cabins.

Down below, the attention to detail can be felt throughout. A contemporary interior design has been realised using the finest materials available. In addition, more choices of high-end fabrics and different flooring make the space infinitely customisable to each owner’s tastes. Several interior layouts are available including a 3 cabin layout with 2 heads that includes a separate shower compartment.

The Sun Odyssey 409 will be presented at all the major international boat shows starting this fall.


- A completely new Sun Odyssey with innovative deck and sail plans, a modern hull and high-end interior design

- All new interior and exterior design by Philippe Briand Yacht Design

- Separate shower in aft head

- 3 cabin / 2 head layout available

- Maximum light and ventilation for the interior

- “Unlimited Ocean” category A rating


- Main sheet led back to each helm station

- Integrated lines make for a clean and safe deck layout

- Flush hatches including a specially designed curved hatch in forward cabin


- Standard classic mast with overlapping jib (105%)

- In mast furling main with overlapping jib (105%)

- Performance sail plan with full-battened main and large overlapping jib (140%)

- Standard classic mast with self-tacking jib and track


- New generation of finish and new, matte varnish gives the woodwork a luxurious feel

- Choice of a traditional floorboard or a new, lighter flooring

- Lots of light from 8 hull ports and plenty of flush hatches and ports

- A completely new palette of interior fabrics selected by interior designers

- Cotemporary lighting sets off the interior along with indirect lighting

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