News: Jetstream and Crestron in joint venture…

April 19, 2010 by yachtlover
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Jetstream, the Monaco based company have recently joined Crestron International in partnership, and are targeting the yachting industry with their new service.

The new service is called The Jetstream, which is the first full service live TV streaming solution designed for high-end residential and superyacht industries. This innovative service offers customers the possibility to view their favourite services from around the world, no matter there they might live or travel.

This new service was first launched the the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2009 and has also been on the show at Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam, the Antigua Yacht Show and recently integrated System Europe at the Crestron International stand.

The Jetstream is nominated by ISS for Innovation of the Year Award 2009. It is a personal, mobile media solution offering remote access to your preferred media on any computer with an internet connection. Once you log in your media is at your finger-tips with full functionality of any source you access. The use of dedicated global infrastructure, WAN, ensures your media source can be accessed from anywhere at the best available quality. Major satellite providers’ uplink stations have also identified to further improve the quality of The Jetstream to marine customers who use VSAT technology.

Broadcast level technology, currently patent pending, developed and supported by Bond Technical Management, brings The Jetstream service to the top of the video streaming. The Crestron ADMS will have the Jetstream service integrated in the 2nd quarter of 2010 allowing users to fully enjoy the service from their unified Crestron enabled entertainment system.

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