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February 11, 2019 by Johnaron803
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As a inspired world traveler,
what better way to see the world then to serve others & have the most unimaginable views out your front door or porthole?!
Being able to wake up almost every week in a new city or country has always been a dream of mine & now that I continue to achieve that dream and more ….I hope that I inspire others to follow their dreams! literally no matter how far they are & I am beyond blessed & thankful for that!

As I have not only worked with & have been trained with 7+ years of high-end hospitality services of many industries, but also have worked in many parts of the TV and film entertainment industry, Social media Growth and analytics development, events operations & hosting, but I also have been trained in certain spa & beauty services, Health & wellness, content creation, Team Leadership & many others.

I know my hard work ethic ,great energy & skill set would be a great asset to any crew.
I have the drive & ambition to learn more & to become the best that I can be.
My skills are of many of course the ones I mentioned previously but i am also a quick learner, organization skills , great under pressure, team leader ability skills & being a great crew mate! As I continue to gain more adventurous years, I will always continue to have a love for people and to serve others the best I know how!

I have always had a love for the water & I am very active when it comes to being involved with my generation as I also create content showcasing my adventures & part of my life to not only friends & family but also on all my social media platforms.

The saying “ A picture is worth 1000 words” ….. they are definitely not wrong but when you can showcase that through video…..then you probably have over millions of words but you can’t speak because you’re speechless of how just beautiful it is, just being able to showcase short films or pictures of all my adventures not only has inspired my friends & family members to considering becoming a yachty but people who are interested in traveling the world & making an income!
I can assure you with my hard work ethic & great energy or voyage will be a great one!
Let’s Set Sail!!!

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