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News: Jorge Jabor designed 125m megayacht NARWHAL project

November 29, 2012 by Alex Lever
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Family moments
The owner is a man looking for new ways to enjoy his time with his family and friends. It’s very important for the family to be together in privacy and enjoy special moments aboard. An entire deck on board the 125m megayacht Narwhal concept has been designed specially for the family, with a common “family room” where they can dine and lounge in privacy.

The Narwhal
The narwhal is a very rare arctic animal that can migrate great distances, making it the perfect inspiration for the yacht’s name.
125-metre megayacht Narwhal concept – view from above

Reaching unthinkable parts of the world is one of the owner’s desires. The 125-metre superyacht Narwhal can not only reach arctic locations, but also break through ice for passage in remote locations. Vehicles can also be deployed straight onto the ice surface for land exploration.

Research platform
Supporting ocean research has been one of the owner’s favourite contributons to society. With that in mind, the layout of luxury yacht Narwhal concept incorporates enough space for a lab, equipments and an aquarium to maintain live specimens. A submarine for 5 people and LARC-5 amphibious vehicle are also part of the tenders line-up to support exploration.

Learning experience
Because the family believes in home-schooling, they can spend several months a year aboard the 125m Narwhal yacht without fearing for their kids’ education. So a study room was designed to provide an appropriate space for learning with private tutors. Also, the kids can experience ongoing research and learn from the scientists aboard.

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