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News: Kevin Glancy Ltd and Jonathan Fawcett Ltd Sign a Merger

March 1, 2010 by Yacht Supplies
Kevin Glancy Ltd and Jonathan Fawcett Ltd Sign a Merger

The union of Kevin Glancy Ltd and Jonathan Fawcett Ltd is one piece of exclusive news for the yachting industry. The companies which specialize in the deluxe tableware and linen respectively are also signing up a Group Managing Director for this joint venture. Looking back at the last twenty years, they have a successful record of working on almost 280 luxury yachts.

Crystal, silver and porcelain has been the focal point of Kevin Glancy Ltd. On the other side, Jonathan Fawcett Ltd has been dealing in linens, towels and accessories. Gradually, the operations of Fawcett will be moving from The Old Bakery in Wales to link with Glancy at Glancy Fawcett Ltd’s enlarged 700 square-meter site and showrooms in Manchester – at The Old Engine Works. This casts a good omen as the location was previously workshop of Gardner whose marine diesels are famous for their value.

Moreover, their projects include highly respectable names from Baccarat to Bernardaud and Frette to Yves Delorme. Perhaps, close to 30 of them are feature in a single project too. Whether a client has placed an order for substitution of a breakage at the beginning of a charter season or a few weeks before a new launch, their primary concern is to have a strong rapport amongst the key people of both the firms. Their counterparts in the yacht industry also hold high respect for these firms due to their strong position in the market. Glancy and Fawcett are aware of the fact that their clients are highly satisfied with their first class performance (apparently giving them more business). However, they also know that if they stoop even slightly in delivering their results, there are other powerful manufacturers in their extensive database who will win their place.

Glancy and Fawcett share key positions at the Monaco Yacht show for more than 15 years now and moving jointly, they have visited homes and yachts on multitude projects. This significant merger of both the companies is likely to give the clients a one-stop-shop for all the items. The clients will be pleased to receive their orders flawlessly combined with the design theme or logo. The companies have also been a regular at providing their unique services to many of the eminent yacht designers and owners.

The two highlights of their services includes quality control – consisting of inspection and repacking of all items at The Old Engine Works – in boxes specifically marked with the exact spot on the boat for their own personnel to deliver to – and value-for-money. On a conclusive note, it is simply their frank and straightforward approach and immense knowledge that has led them to complete the yachts for some 280 owners, designers and stewardesses. The 20-strong team of Glancy Fawcett Ltd which is led by Managing Director Rob Bieniasz follows the same values while delivering the performance. Currently Kevin Glancy and Jonathan Fawcett are directors of Glancy Fawcett Ltd, continuing to lead sales.

While complementing each other for such a long duration, they possess a portfolio of knowledge and supplier contacts – unparalleled in the yachting market. Their turnover of few of the top notch brands is the maximum in the UK – surpassing that of even Harrods and couple of luxury brands’ individual outlets. Thus it doesn’t come as a surprise when some of the pleased clients of the companies ask them to supply for their private jets and homes too.

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