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March 25, 2010 by john
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A major software upgrade for integrated entertainment systems from Lantic is now available; bringing dramatic advances in the quality of entertainment that can now be enjoyed as well as in the overall architecture of these sophisticated multi-zone systems. The new software will be incorporated as standard in all installations currently in build and owners of existing systems are invited to contact Lantic to discuss arrangements for their upgrades.

The new software represents a complete re-engineering of the technological platform that underpins every Lantic system, and is designed to open a clear gap between Lantic and its competitors in terms of system stability, reliability and functionality. Many of the enhancements are likely to go un-noticed by the user – although they will undoubtedly enjoy the unrivalled speed and smoothness of operation – but others will offer dramatic benefits including:

Streaming Blu-ray movies:

Top of the bill is the long awaited introduction of streaming Blu-ray content. This breakthrough allows the uploading and storage of Blu-ray movies to the central server, from where viewers around the yacht can then select a film and watch it in full high definition whenever and wherever they choose. Accomplishing this was a major challenge and Lantic Entertainment is proud to be one of the first manufacturers to make this service available to the market.

iPod control and integration:

Users of iPods will also be able to totally integrate their players into their local Lantic zone for the first time. The software now allows guests to merge the control interfaces of the Lantic System with those of the iPod to give full access and control using Lantic menus and remotes, right alongside all those for all the other entertainment options. The unit will also charge while it is connected.

System enhancements: the upgrade will include:

o Complete revision and upgrade of the operating system
o New DVD streaming software compatible with all regions
o Compatibility with all major music file types
o Support for an expanded range of hardware
o The capability to import media from a hard disc
o Upgraded media administration
o Upgraded operation of remote and external controls
o Greatly increased bit rate for HD transmission

Arranging an upgrade:

Following a remote diagnostic process to establish the specification of an existing system the software installation, together with any required hardware updates, will be undertaken by qualified Lantic technicians on board each yacht. Each system will also be totally reviewed at the same time to ensure that it is performing at 100% capability, and training provided to the crew if needed. Owners and captains who may not have updated the warranty details for their Lantic system after purchasing a pre-owned yacht are invited to contact Lantic to book their upgrade.

Contact us now to ensure that your yacht is ready for the new season with the very latest in integrated entertainment technology. You won’t be disappointed.

Preview of Upgrades for Blu-ray, Full iPod Integration and More..

February 2010

Lantic will be announcing a series of upgrades at the end of April that will be available to existing as well as new owners. A major software update will not only deliver a smooth and stable platform that provides a new level of speed and reliability, but it will include a range of product enhancements of which two in particular are especially exciting.

Lantic is delighted to announce that streaming Blu-ray will finally become a reality. From April users will be able to upload high definition Blu-ray discs into the central server from where they will be available for streaming to any monitor on board the yacht. This break-through is the result of many months’ work by the development team and Lantic is understood to be the first manufacturer to offer this must-have service.

iPod integration will also take a major step forward, with the new software effectively transforming any connected iPod into a ‘mini-server’. Once connected, the user will be able to fully access and control his device using the Lantic remote control and the menus on the local monitor – adding a whole new level of convenience and accessibility.

More information will on the full capabilities of the new software will be made available on launch


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