News: Last Minute Gulet Cruises or Early Bird Discounts

July 13, 2012 by derinblu
Last Minute Gulet Cruises or Early Bird Discounts

There are usually two major times of year when travelers decide to book gulet cruises for their holidays in Turkey or Greece. The first favored time is when there are early bird discounts. This is where holiday makers wish to take advantage of discounts for booking before the season begins, usually at the start of the new year. The other time that is quite popular, particularly by local tourists in Turkey, is right at the last minute when you can find some really good deals during or just before the peak season begins. Now that we are in the month of July, the last minute gulet cruises are increasing in demand. Travelers looking to take their gulet charter holidays during the month of July and August are searching to see what sort of deals are available. There is however a difference between these two types of discount periods in the year, and it’s not just the time of year it is booked.

When you book early, the selections in gulet charters are good. There is much more to choose from to find one that is just right for you, as most gulets are still in the process of being refitted and undergoing maintenance. It is also advantageous for the yacht owner as he/she can organize their summer schedule accordingly for the remainder of the year.

At the start of the summer season, many gulet charters will have been booked for the most popular two months when school is out and holidaymakers have set aside the time away from home for their holidays. But of course the variety isn’t the same. It’s like boarding a bus at the start of the route when the seats are empty, as opposed to boarding near the middle or end. But that is not to say that a gulet cruise that is right for you cannot be found. It can be found without a doubt.

Is there a difference in discounts between both times of year? Not really. It all depends on the gulet owners or agents that are chartering these Turkish yachts. However if a yacht owner has fulfilled his/her weeks that they have aimed for, for the year; then yes he or she may not discount as much as they would during the winter.

The best thing to do is just inquire. Let your yacht charter agent know what your plans are, where you wish to go, and specify a budget. It’s always easier to shortlist an offer of yacht charters if the agent knows how much money you have set aside for a sailing charter in Turkey.

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