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News: Leopard Yachts Expands and Severs With Rodriguez

July 15, 2009 by Ross Tailor
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Rodriguez Group is a large luxury yacht group of companies which includes Mangusta (overmarine) Camper and Nicholsons International and until now Leopard Yachts.

Now, Leopard Yachts have announced that the luxury performance yacht building company will become independent from the 33 year collaboration with Rodriguez Group.

Previously Rodriguez Group has undertaken the marketing efforts for Leopard, however from now Leopard Yachts will handle their own day to day marketing and selling, rather than simply focusing exclusively on yacht building. As well as luxury yacht design and production Leopard will carry out the full circle of yacht sales too, which is a change from having the Rodriguez Group managing the market for them.

Sandro Picchiotti stated that: “The collaboration with Gerard Rodriguez (started in 1975) was a perfect union between a shipyard dedicated to building and improving the quality of its yacht, and a group exclusively concentrated on selling them. The changing of the yachting industry brought us to this significant turning point with a new organisation, a significant economic investment and the need to face directly the marketing of the product. A major challenge that forces us on the front line, for which we are putting in all of our energies and experience”

Leopard Yachts also has a new CEO in Vincenzo Moccia. Vincenzo Moccia brings good experience to Leopard after two and a half years at Bennetti Yachts and experience with Baglietto.

Leopard Yachts are planning to undertake an entirely new investment and expansion in the following areas:

- A new range and expanded range of luxury motor yachts including a 56m composite flagship yacht as designed by Andre Bacigalupo.

- A new aluminium and steel yachts division of Leopard dedicated.

- The development of their current infrastructure. This includes a new basin for launching yachts up to 6000 square metres, a travel lift capable of lifting up to 560 tonnes and a 24m high shed with a capacity of 6000 square meters.

- A new building for the technical and managing departments

Leopard Yacht’s long standing history:

Leopard Yachts began in 1907 in Tuscany, Italy, on the banks of the river Arno in Limite. Later in 1935 the yacht building company changed it’s name to Arno Shipyard. Presently the business is still a family run affair with Paolo and Sandro Picchiotti as respective President and Vice President and their niece and nephew Nicola and Marco on the company’s board of directors.

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  1. PowerYachtBlog

    PowerYachtBlog on July 15, 2009

    interesting decision
    I always think that Mangusta & Leopard looked too much similar and competitors to each other to try and sell them togather
    worth to note that in better times Rodriguez also lost Astondoa larger yachts division I think in 2005 as well as ISA Yachts in 2007

  2. john

    john on July 15, 2009

    Yeah, also interesting when considering earlier news about Rodriguez stopping share trading:

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