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News: Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez – 2009

October 4, 2009 by Superyacht Design
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A week of regatta for both modern and classic yachts will take off in the historical city of Saint-Tropez this October. The event is being organized continuously for the past 8 years during which, one of the most aesthetically pleasing stretches of coast on the planet, Saint-Tropez, becomes a host for some of the most beautiful sailing beauties, from classic to the most modern of hi-tech yachts.

Race Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez makes an incredible venue for a collection of sailing spectacles at this time every year. The 11th edition of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez takes sail this October, promising spectacular racing on the water and one-of-a-kind ambiance on land in the race village and town center, Saint Tropez.

For the whole of last week, all kinds of yachts have been arriving to the port of Saint-Tropez. However, some of the traditional yachts made the most pleasing scenes with their graceful age dating back more than a century. Also, many of the yachts came directly after attending the Yacht Club de France’s Autumn Cup from Cannes to Saint-Tropez.

The first day of the race will initiate with coastal racing for the modern yachts, whereas all the traditional yachts with compete against each other on the following day. However, as the race continues, people will be able to see the beautiful amalgamation of both modern and traditional yachts in one frame. The historic port would become a perfect ground, to act as a bridge between the traditional and modern yachts. The history will unfold as each yacht takes to the sail, exhibiting its prowess and charisma that has not only stood the test of the time but has also been a standing example for the modern sailing yachts.

The sixth day of the yacht will be reserved as the challenge day, wherein the competitors will have a chance to duel against one another, following the historical route of the race: Saint-Tropez, Saint-Raphael and La Nioulargue, the buoy that marks the famous shallows in the Mediterranean.

Just like every year, this year’s Les Voiles de St. Tropez will also feature the famous Rolex Trophy. All the participating traditional yachts will get an opportunity to win the Rolex Trophy, which will be given away during the Les Voiles de St. Tropez’s award function that is to be held on the seventh day. The winner will also receive a coveted Rolex Submariner, a close companion to all nautical achievements.

The year 2009 will be the fourth year for the Rolex Trophy. The trophy is given away every year to the classic yacht that demonstrates both consistency and performance. Previous winners of the trophy are:

So Fong (2006)

The very first winner of the Rolex Trophy is a 1937 made yacht, designed and manufactured in Hong Kong. The yacht has been designed by the famous architects Sparkman & Stephens and owned by Bruno Entrecanales for the past five years. This 26-metre monohull sails under the Spanish flag.

Agneta (2007)

Agneta the second winner of the Rolex Trophy in 2007 was built in 1951. An attractive and beautiful vessel that stands out among others because of its mahogany hull and majestic purple spinnaker, Agneta is owned by Giovanni Agnelli (the founder of Fiat) for the past 30 years. The yacht became world famous after the publication of a photo of her owner diving off the boat into the waters of Saint-Tropez.

Rowdy (2008)

Rowdy, made in 1916 in Bristol, was designed by the legend Nathanial Herreshoff and built by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company located in Rhode Island. A part of the New York 40 Class, Rowdy was so named because of its 40 feet design off the waterline. It is also one of the 14 or so boats in the class that was constructed between 1916 and 1917. Also known as the ‘Fighting Forties,’ these sailing yachts were built for members of the New York Yacht Club. Rowdy raced for many years for the same club and had great success. However, World War I put a halt to further construction of the class and most of these great vessels have ceased to exist today. Rowdy is one of these few surviving yachts. It recently underwent a major refit, which we hope, will ensure a long life to this ‘Fighting Forty.’

The 2009 Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez will see both Agneta and Rowdy, defending their title for the 2009 edition of Les Voiles.

Liveyachting will keep a close watch on the event and will bring all the great news and happenings over the whole of next week.

Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez

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