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News: Lila-Lou’s Sailing Yacht Concept Ankida

October 24, 2009 by Superyacht Design
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Lila-Lou, a yacht design studio based in London, recently launched their new concept project, Ankida. Founded in 2005, Lila-Lou, is a highly skilled studio specializing in 2D and 3D architectural exterior and interior drawings combined with detailed specifications for private yachts, residences and jets. The studio particularly emphasis on creating customized designs and sourcing the finest products, works of art and accessories across the globe. The main aim of the company is to create a unique product for each client’s individual requirements, combining essential qualities of excellence, beauty and practicality.

LILA-LOU LONDON has already completed a number of projects which have attracted great media attention. The list of projects includes the 300 ft. Lurssen sailing yacht, which is one of the world’s largest sailing yacht, built in Germany in 2007 and interior design proposal for Feadship’s SL39. Currently, LILA-LOU is working on the interior design of the Curvelle range of fractional ownership superyachts, and the conceptual exterior and interior styling of motor and sailing yachts between 45m-108m.

The Ankida concept is an effort made by Lila-Lou to seek a unique design that integrates the mast, sail and keel configuration with the hull and superstructure. The new design, different from the conventional centre-line arrangement, provides a bow like structure that allows the forces generated by the rig to work efficiently for the propulsion of the yacht. The design and construction of the yacht has also been made in such a way that the yacht gets the greatest surface area coverage and an optimal position in relation to the wind direction and conditions, which will allow the keel bulb to adjust automatically to optimize the centre of mass, and thus provide the best performance to the yacht.

The distinct feature of the yacht is a magnetically levitated turbine, which supplies power for the various yacht systems and also for the general hotel services. Located at the top and between the masts, the magnetically levitated turbine also provides power to the yacht’s heavy automation system. This feature makes the sailing yacht Ankida a complete and unique wind powered vessel.

The heavy automation of this modern sailing yacht is supported with the help of sophisticated software packages that support weather, navigation and operation monitoring, thus setting the best sail configuration for the conditions or type of sailing desired by the Owner, Captain or Guests.

The design of the yacht also provides each mast, on both port and starboard, with a boom. These booms run parallel to each other and have the ability to slide forward and aft. This is done by making each boom in two sections along their length. The internal half part runs fwd-aft in constant contact with the mast and the external half is attached to the internal through a series of electronically adjustable straps. The sails are attached to this later half, which allows them to be offset from one another, maximizing the sail area. The straps and furling mechanism are also micro-adjustable. This means that they can further angle and bend the sails upwind and thus allow the yacht to sail closer to the wind.

When the yacht is not sailing, the booms rest joined together, facing the aft with the sail automatically furling in line with the straight mast. Moreover, it is also possible for the yacht to operate under one sail. This feature can be best used for pleasure cruising. Also, when the boat is running downwind, the booms halves join together to form one on each side and hinge out from the forward masts to offer the maximum sail coverage. This arrangement, though much like a conventional rig, has all the energy concentrated in making the boat go forward and also helping the spinnaker to be launched.

The spinnaker automatically furls & unfurls into a box just below the wind turbine at the top of the masts. The poles for setting the spinnaker are pivoted mechanically out of the forward mast, which results in a configuration that literally seems like a wall of sail propelling the boat.

Thus, Ankida is a unique sailing yacht, which though different from the conventional type, is provided with sophisticated modern software and advanced mechanicals systems that make the yacht virtually compatible to any wind conditions to offer the maximum efficiency.

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