News: London based web and media agency Latitude 26 announces the release of a web based Yacht Brokerage Solution

October 30, 2011 by latitude26uk
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The Yacht Brokerage Solution for joomla was designed to answer the needs of yacht brokerage or dealership companies. It provides extensive features not found in the competition.

The Yacht Brokerage Solution runs under the colient’s web site and domain name to provide maximum exposure and indexing in the search engines.

The Yacht Brokerage solution includes lead request management to store all yacht requests. Different request forms for financing, insurance, storage, transport, survey store all requests in tables accesssible through maintenance screens in the administration panel.

The Yacht Brokerage solution is integrated with 15 social networks through APIs allowing to post automatically new listings and offers on the company’s social netowrks accounts.

The Yacht Brokerage solution generates high quality PDF brochures for each listing and posts automatically the brochures to documents web sites (scribd, docstoc, issuu, slideshare…) through APIs integration.

The Yacht Brokerage solution sends through a web service the yacht listings to a master server where Latitude 26 generates a monthly magazine which includes all listings from clients using the yachting solutions.

The Yacht Brokerage solution allows to present professionally the inventory while giving a very quick ad easy management interface to the brokers and dealers. A lead management area gives the opportunity to brokers to manage quickly the requests while keeping an history.

The delivery of Latitude 26’s services follow a well thought out process that starts with an initial consultation to establish the clients requirements, followed by professional advice on how to achieve maximum exposure of the yacht listings. Latitude 26 will recommende one of its yachting solution and the workflow to use in order to generate visibility.

Latitude 26,’s representative added: “We are aware of the issues faced by yacht brokers and dealers when trying to generate traffic and brand recognition for their company. We offer a competitive and efficient service in line with the current market requirements and our clients’s expectations”.

About Latitude 26 web and media agency
Latitude 26 agency ( has been serving clients since 2000 worldwide. The company specializes in yachting solutions integrated with social networks and provides a comprehensive suite of services to provide maximum exposure to yahct brokerage, yacht charter and dealerships companies.

Olivier Baelde
Latitude 26 web and media agency
Tel CH : +41 (0)27 483 12 20
Tel UK : +44 (0)20 7078-4226
Tel USA: +1 (305) 394-9652

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