News: LONG TALL SALLY explorer sailing yacht announced for sale with De Valk Yacht Brokers

April 21, 2010 by yachtlover
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The Dutch built explorer sailing ketch Long Tall Sally has been announced for sale with De Valk. The sailing ketch is still under construction and will be delivered in 2011.

The yacht will take part of a fleet of identical explorer yacht, and will sail away on a journey on preset adventurous routes all your round. This will allow her future owners to get on and off the yacht where and when they wish.

The route that this explorer sailing yacht Long Tall Sally will take, will be somewhat different from the standard. The adventure will require a minimum stay of around one month, with destinations included such as Spitsbergen, Antarctica, Greenland, Kamtsjatka, Canada and Alaska.

The hull of the 33 metre Long Tall Sally will be built at the Bloemsma shipyard and her outfitting will be done by Claasen. Dykstra & Partners will be responsible for her naval architecture and exterior styling, however the interior designed will be done by Rhoades Young.

Long Tall Sally sailing yacht is offered under a partial ownership program. Shares are available at € 150,000 or multiples, with a maximum of 16. One fraction gives the owner a possibility to enjoy this expedition sailing yacht, or another twin-yacht within fleet, one month a year, with two people in one double cabin.

If you are interested in buying a share you can write to Derk Jan Rolff at De Valk Yacht Brokers: drolff@devalk.nl
You can also visit a page for Long Tall Sally http://www.longtallsally.nl/en/

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