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Lowrance, a world-leading brand in marine electronics since 1957 and GPS navigational systems since 1992, announced today its new Elite series of colour echosounder and echosounder/GPS-chartplotter combination units, featuring exclusive DownScan Imaging™ (DSI) sonar technology. The Elite DSI line includes the Elite-5x DSI echosounder and the Elite-5 DSI echosounder/chartplotter.

On display for the first time at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) 2010 show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Elite DSI models combine Lowrance’s revolutionary DownScan Imaging™ technology with brilliant colour displays, smart automatic echosounder modes and simple, intuitive operation. The units comprise today’s most innovative sonar technology for anglers and boaters at a surprisingly affordable price.

DSI-equipped anglers experience a new standard in echosounder technology with remarkable below-the-boat, picture-like views of bottom structure such as brush, rocks, vegetation, drop offs—as well as thermoclines, predator fish and baitfish. The Elite DSI series provides crystal-clear underwater definition in shallow and deep, freshwater or saltwater—including impressive bottom readings at higher boat speeds. Capable of displaying isolated targets and hard-to-find secondary structure, DSI sonar not only allows users to see vegetation and bottom structure more clearly, but also helps anglers recognise variations in weed growth and bottom hardness.

The Elite-5x DSI and Elite-5 DSI feature a new rugged, low profile, dual frequency Skimmer® transom-mount transducer with a built-in temperature sensor that operates at 455 kHz for wider and deeper coverage, or at 800 kHz for more concentrated scans in shallower conditions with greater target separation. For easy-to-use, touch-of-a-button execution, Elite DSI models have automatic fine tuned echosounder modes for simplified, instant operation and optimal performance, while allowing access to manual options for advanced control.

For greater precision with bait or lure presentations, anglers can position the cursor anywhere on the sonar display to determine the depth of a marked object—such as suspended baitfish, a thermocline, or predator fish identified among suspended tree branches. In addition, DSI models feature Lowrance TrackBack™ that allows anglers to scroll backward into sonar history and pinpoint possible fishing hotspots. With the Elite-5 DSI echosounder/chartplotter, users can also set waypoints, for easier navigation back to a desired location.

Elite-5 DSI echosounder/chartplotter models feature a built-in high-sensitivity 16-channel GPS+WAAS precision antenna for out-of-the-box, plug-and-play navigation, along with an external antenna option. The built-in base map also includes pre-loaded worldwide background mapping.

Ensuring boaters have the maximum flexibility to use their choice of charts, Elite-5 DSI units also feature a waterproof micro SD memory card slot supporting multiple mapcard options, including Navionics® Gold charts. A choice of regional mapping content can be downloaded from Navionics, to suit the individual requirements of the customer. In addition, anglers can store up to 3,000 waypoints, 100 routes with 100 waypoints per route and 100 retraceable plot trails with up to 10,000 points per trail.

“The Elite DSI series provides innovative underwater detail for the cost-conscious fisherman,” said Greg Konig, Lowrance product line director. “Never before have anglers been able to see so much, for so little!”

Designed with a true 5-inch, 480×480-pixel SolarMAX™ 256-color TFT display with best-in-class brightness for superior viewing in all conditions and from wide angles, all Elite DSI series models have 2,400 Watts of peak-to-peak DownScan Imaging power for unfiltered target separation at depths down to 200 feet. Compact and attractively priced, the units also feature an innovative mounting design with an easy-to-install, quick release, tilt-and-swivel bracket that allows for convenient removal and remounting.

The enhanced keypad is backlit and designed for simplified one-handed control of the systems’ easy-to-use menus. To adapt to ambient water and light conditions, echosounder options include an expansive palette of display-colour choices and selectable 455 kHz or 800 kHz sounding. All Elite DSI models feature a quarter turn uniplug cable system with watertight seals for longer, trouble free connections in all marine environments. Fully waterproof to the IPx7 standard, the new Lowrance series is protected by a one year limited warranty.

Scheduled for release in January 2011, the Lowrance Elite-5x DSI echosounder and Elite-5 DSI echosounder/chartplotter will be offered through authorised Lowrance dealers throughout Europe – unit pricing to follow shortly. Mapping software packages start from €119. To locate an authorised Lowrance dealer near you, and learn more about the Lowrance Elite DSI series—or the entire Lowrance line of marine electronics — please visit http://www.lowrance.co.uk.

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