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September 1, 2012 by derinblu
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Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey – How to find a gulet charter that is right for you is a simple process. As long as you have an idea of your expectations for your yacht charter holiday in Turkey, the agent can easily assist to shortlist a selection of luxury gulets for you to evaluate. A luxury yacht charter can vary in quality, service and facilities on board.

First you need to establish how many will be in your group. From there a budget of how much can be allocated for your yacht hire needs to estimated. Hypothetically, if your budget is 10,000€ for the week. Will this be enough for the gulet rental, the food and beverages, land excursions (which are optional), high end water sports such as jet skiis, and other personal shopping and dinning that you and your group might like to do. Airport transfers with some companies are extra. However with DerinBlu Yachting, airport transfers are included when you book a private yacht hire from Turkey. For 10,000€, gulets from the Luxury gulet and Deluxe gulet classes can be hired. This could be full board. It depends on the gulet and the time of year.

The itineraries for gulet cruises are generally flexible. The price of the gulet rental does not change whether you are doing a tour in Turkey or in Greece or combining the both. The only areas that might cost extra in an itinerary is if you choose to cruise to the island groups of Sporades, Ionian in Greece; and Cyprus. This is again dependent on the gulet you hire. Unless you specify your itinerary in advance, then a gulet that visits these areas can be sourced.

For more information on luxury yacht charters in Turkey, contact a yacht charter consultant to find out what would be the ideal gulet hire vacation in the Mediterranean.

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