News: Magnificent 55m Royal Huisman Yacht KAMAXITHA

March 28, 2013 by lucy
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A fascinating combination of authentic traditional ketch and advanced offshore rocket ship, there is more to Kamaxitha yacht than first meets the eye. Thanks to the Spirit of Tradition revival, enthusiasts of fine traditional sailing yachts can now enjoy the spectacle of a host of elegant new classics in ports, on passage, and at regattas around the world.

Kamaxitha’s owner is one such enthusiast, but one who could see no reason why fine traditional lines should be in conflict with sparkling performance and exceptional handling. He commissioned Dykstra Naval Architects to design, and Royal Huisman to build, a yacht that carried with it a spirit of tradition, combining classic hull lines with a highly advanced underbody, keel and rudder configuration to complement a powerfully efficient ketch rig. For good measure, he invited Rhoades Young Design to create an interior that stakes a strong visual claim to yachts of an earlier era yet incorporates all the luxurious amenities and operational necessities of the modern era.

The owner’s vision has been realised. Kamaxitha is a yacht that inspires, both as a fine recreation in the classic tradition and as a true sailor’s yacht of the present day.

Timeless elegance

With her elegant sheer line, dramatic plumb bow and fine counter stern, the 55m (181ft) ketch Kamaxitha looks every inch a worthy successor to the working sailers of a former era to which she pays homage – boats such as the Bristol pilot cutter and the Brixham trawler.

With no portholes to interrupt her topsides Kamaxitha looks both traditional and purposeful. Her fine hull lines, accentuated by a gold-leafed cove stripe and visually uninterrupted teak cap rail, are complemented by a traditional ‘open bulwark’, clean open deck spaces and neatly proportioned teak-clad deckhouses.

Sympathetic period features include two beautifully-joinered skylights inset with bevelled glass. In keeping with tradition, deck planks are laid fore-and-aft parallel to the yacht’s centreline, running without interruption, it seems, through hatches that show no visible margin planks.

The twin helms are thoughtfully positioned to give exceptional lines of sight over the deckhouses and to create a reassuring sense of scale that belies the size of this yacht. These helms may introduce a more modern note, but care has been taken to maintain a sense of authenticity in their presentation: the helm station displays and controls can be lowered out of sight when not required, the helm seats and urrounds are finely joinered teak gratings with varnished margin planks, and the carbon ventilation louvers are cleverly disguised with a thin layer of varnished teak.

The carbon composite rollaway masts and booms and the Duplex high tensile stainless steel bowsprit are all spray-painted cream, a further evocation of a former era, while the aesthetic simplicity of a clear working deck and uninterrupted topsides is emphasised by the absence of any visible anchoring equipment. This is achieved by way of a submarine anchor and launching system, sealed by a profiled hatch below the waterline.

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