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March 3, 2010 by yachtlover
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Industry: Yacht Designer
Year Established: 1980
Languages: English
Operating Locations: Italy

Fipa Group is operating from various facilities distributed in the Viareggio Industrial Area Massarosa, in the harbour area and in the Massa near Carrara Harbour intended for production, refitting, maintenance and laying up of Your yacht.

Fipa Group is outstanding in the way it designs and builds boats with individual and unique handcrafted features. Their boats combine the latest technological solutions with traditional craftsmen’s attention to detail and typically Italian style and taste.

Fipa Group has reached the highest levels in the industry. Strong growth by Fipa Group has helped it to achieve a top position in the luxury craft sector and the pleasure craft division.

their web site http://www.maiora.it/

Contact details for Maiora – Fipa Group

Fipa Italiana Yachts.
Via Sarzanese,
55054 Massarosa (LU)
ITALY – Tel (+39) 0584 97781
Fax (+39) 0584 93118
e-mail info@maiora.net

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