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July 14, 2009 by john
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MAN Diesel SE and MAN Turbo AG are to work more closely together in future with the aim of forming a merger with each other under corporate law. By combining the product portfolios the integration of the companies will result in an expanded product range and cost benefits.

MAN Diesel is the world’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines for use in ships and power plants, while MAN Turbo specializes in the development and construction of compressors, gas and steam turbines.

The merged company will in future be able to offer its customers product packages such as turnkey DCC power plants (Diesel Combined Cycle), for example, or waste heat recovery systems for marine applications.

The Chairman of the Executive Board of MAN Diesel SE is to perform the same role in an amalgamated company.
Klaus Stahlmann, is to become Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board.

Klaus Stahlmann also sees many benefits in the merger: “The cooperation will significantly strengthen our competitive position worldwide. Diverse synergies can be harnessed, e.g. through joint sales activities, improved knowledge transfer and a standardised image for the aftersales services under the brand name MAN I PrimeServ.”

Dr.-Ing. Georg Pachta-Reyhofen said in a statement:.
“As well as expanding the product range, the integration of the two MAN companies provides further benefits, for instance in terms of costs. Joint global purchasing or joint use of existing production sites are two examples of this,”

The newly created company will have annual revenue of around EUR4 billion and employ a workforce of approximately 12,000 worldwide. Its headquarters will be in Augsburg, Germany.

MAN Diesel is the world’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines for marine and power plant applications. The company designs two-stroke and four-stroke engines, generating sets, turbochargers, CP propellers and complete propulsion packages that are manufactured both by MAN Diesel and its licensees.

The engines have outputs ranging from 450 to 97,300 kW of power. MAN Diesel employs over 7,700 staff, primarily in Germany, Denmark, France, the Czech Republic, India and China. The global after-sales organisation, MAN Diesel PrimeServ, comprises a network of the company’s own service centres, supported by authorised partners.

Starting with GenSets of 450 kW output for on-board power, through our medium-speed compact class and on to our giant two-stroke engines – including the largest Diesel engine on earth with an output of almost 100 MW output.

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