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April 16, 2010 by bert640
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The South Italian boat builder Manò, presents the project of the 33 Ribman. The 33 Ribman will be a Rib Cruiser of mediu dimensions with a rigid hull.

This boat will be also the first rib boat to come out of Manò. A big consideration is given to the exterior spaces. However, Mano does offer a small cabin inside with a two berth facility. The space inside is smaller as oppose to the 32 Grand Sport, but as any respected Rib, the one outside is larger. Very impressive is also the maximum available power with a twin 660hp option available. Certification will be to a CE B standard.

Some more info:
LOA 10.885 metres
Max power 2×492 Kw
Berths: 2
Category: B

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