News: Marin LuxurYachts, nautical division of FNM, is building a 60m superyacht with a panoramic elevator.

July 31, 2009 by Yachtie
View large version of image: Marin LuxurYachts, nautical division of FNM, is building a 60m superyacht with a panoramic elevator.

The motor yacht projects FNM5900 is being built for a Spanish businessman and she can accommodate up to 12 passengers and 19 crewmembers. The 60-metre superyacht was designed to the highest standards of aesthetics and technology. It is the largest yacht ever built in Spain, costing approximately 36 million euros, to be handed over in 2009. It will have a modern panoramic elevator that rises through the five decks. The superyacht can accommodate 19 crewmembers and 12 passengers who will enjoy all sorts of advanced electronic and leisure services, as well as an inverse flow swimming pool (like swimming a river upstream).

The motor yacht is capable of crossing the Atlantic at 17 knots and its main cabin occupies 60 square metres. As a novelty, its design includes a double stabilizer system with active fins while sailing and with large surface area fins for maximum stability when anchored.

If everything goes according to plan, this 45-metre ship will be handed over in May 2009. As well as containing every imaginable luxury on board, the interior design has been entrusted to the Spadolini studio. The 40-metre superyacht, which only four years ago would have been the largest yacht ever built in Spain, will be handed over to its owner this year and has the same stabilizing system as the FNM5900.

The 42-metre schooner –which will be handed over at the end of this year – is a jewel and a tribute to the history of sailing. It is a replica of a model designed by Nathanael Herreshoff, one of the best ship builders of all time and considered as the father of modern sailing in the sector. Known as the ‘wizard of Bristol’, he designed six yachts that defended the America’s Cup since 1893 to the mid 20th century. This agile sailing ship is destined to compete in classic regattas, but with 21st century comfort.

Luxury design. Artists with worldwide prestige For nautical experts, the great designers are considered like exquisite divas and their services are highly sought after, just like fashion designers. Shipyards all over the world strive for them to work on one of their models. One must remember that a luxury yacht, as well as naval engineering design, needs exterior design architects as well as interior designers that have their studios, powerful companies in the same league as some land engineering or architects’ studios. FNM shipyards have gone to a considerable effort in the last year to get the best to work on their models.

The studios the Spanish shipyard works with are:

Luiz de Bastos Designs
Main office in Miami, one of the world design capitals. A firm specialised
exclusively in the design of custom luxury yachts.

Reymond Langton Design
Reymond Langton is a highly experienced design studio located in London,
dedicated to interior and exterior design creation, planning and management
of projects for the most luxurious superyachts in the world. With 20 years of
experience designing yachts and working for the most important designers
in the world, Pascale Teymond and Andrew Langton founded Reymond
Langton Design in the summer of 2001. They work for the most important
yacht builders in the world: Lurssen, Fincantieri, Rasmussen.

Íñigo Echenique
Echenique (Vigo, 1957) is one of the most versatile nautical and naval designers in all its
facets. A brief review of his professional career shows that this naval engineer was research
manager for the Desafío Español in the America’s Cup (1991-92). He designed the
centreboard and the rudder of the winning 470 Theresa Zabell, which won the Olympic
gold medal in Atlanta 96.

Regarding R&D, he has spent several years studying hydrodynamic
profiles of caudal fins of a species of dolphin. The results of this study were applied to the
rudders of ships sailing in regattas and stabilizers for motor-powered ships. He has
designed numerous ocean sailing ships and directed projects in Holland, Italy and Spain,
among others. He designed the Centium, which was the largest Spanish built yacht of
its time. He is also the designer of the Sea Cloud Hussar.

FNM also works with the Spadolini studio, directed by the prestigious creator Tommaso
Spadolini, and the Spanish architect Enrique Campoamor in charge of designing the
interiors of one of the models.

Inside Factoría Naval
What is a state of the art shipyard like?
The installations of a shipyard dedicated to luxury ships have little in common, in many
aspects, with a slipway specialized in building industrial vessels. Requirements for some
details are considerable, despite the fact that the hull structure –high tensile steel – is the
same. For construction of the brand Marin LuxurYachts, a year ago the FNM group began
work on the shipyard that will not finish until the end of next year, the most important being
a special 140-metre building for construction of megayachts with a special atmosphere
of humidity and temperature.

The total surface area occupied by this industry is 36,000
square metres, to which we must add another 15,000 for blocks. In this building, which
has a slipway to the sea, it is possible to build megayachts of up to 150 metres length.
The building itself, as well as all the others in the factory have been designed by the
Galician design studio ConceptWorks, so that they will become an aesthetic reference
for the estuary and achieve full integration with the surroundings.

The managing director, Pablo Comesaña, works with a management team averaging 39
years of age and has implemented novel management systems for a shipyard. A technical
team is appointed for each project, which will supervise the entire process of each unit.
Regarding R&D&I, FNM works with other partners in the application of new materials and
processes. The idea is to make it a model shipyard in issues such as innovative scaffolding,
illumination, cleanliness and reduction of waste dumped into the sea. This shipyard is
implementing two world firsts in nautical research: stabilization systems when anchored
and transversal propellers with a double hydraulic engine.

As everyone knows, the woodwork onboard a yacht is always hand crafted, everything
is tailor made for each unit. But, the requirements are even greater in the case of the
painting process of a luxury superyacht, being similar to that of an aircraft. Marin LuxurYachts
carries out a special filling process on the hull that makes it very difficult to know, by touch,
if the ship is made of metal, fine wood or if is has a layer of fine silk on its surface. Awlgrip
paints, the most luxurious and effective on the market, are applied in several coats taking
weeks in a special dust-free temperature and humidity-controlled microclimate. The fillermixing
machine that FNM has is one of only a dozen of its type in the world.

Factoría Naval Marín
Avenida de Orense 31B
36900 Marín · PO · Spain

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