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February 10, 2016 by HSOG Ltd
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HSOG are pleased to announce that we are now an appointed and approved agent and manufacturer trained installer of the Marine Armor Systems (MAS) Anti piracy solution for both commercial marine and offshore assets.
Operating from our equipped workshops in Cape Town we can now service both West and East African coastlines as well as using our network of global offices a variety of other regions from the Gulf of Mexico right through to India and beyond.
With full technical backup from the OEM we offer MAS to ship and rig owners alike at significantly reduced installation prices. We can even undertake the survey and installation whilst the asset is working without the need to come alongside hence reducing downtime.
With four levels of protection and multiple configurations available its never been easier to protect both Crew and Asset.
With insurance benefits also arising form certified installation we can offer a bespoke solution to suit your needs and budgetMAS is a multi configurable, easy to install and cost effective, Anti Piracy Protection system with either automatic or manual deployment system.
HARDER – MAS provides a high ballistic protection, anti-burglar barrier to nominated areas of the vessel or rig.
SMARTER – MAS operates on the principle of 1 man, 1 button, and the whole vessel is secured.
FASTER – simple operation means the asset is automatically secured in 10 seconds.
• By pressing just one button with no additional crew involvement.
• 1man and 1button
• 10 seconds: one man secures all doors, windows and accesses.
• Safer, faster and more efficient than traditional lock down means by at least 90%
• Optional manual deployment system available to suit also.
MAS is made of a bullet-proof alloy of top quality materials, such as nickel
titanium, silicon, aluminum and ceramics.
MAS requires NO maintenance other than general cleanliness.
MAS has a special anodized finish designed for harsh marine environments.
MAS is available in any color.

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